I just finished the cover art for “The Cruise”. I suppose I […]

“The Waitress” is not yet available on Amazon. For those accustomed to […]

“The Waitress, the Whiskey & the Handcuffs,” Part 1 of The Ruby […]

Now on Kobo…

“The Waitress” is now available for sale at Kobo Books! There’s an intro sale of $1.99 on ’til Monday…

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Finally Published! – The Waitress, the Whiskey & the Handcuffs

The Waitress, the Whiskey & the Handcuffs

The Waitress, the Whiskey & the Handcuffs

The Waitress, the Whiskey & the Handcuffs
Part 1 of The Ruby Chronicles

When her crude and offensive employer plays an embarrassing prank on her, Ruby Daniel gets revenge with the help of her mother, whose devious tactics and unrestrained glee in the details of retaliation leave Ruby in awe, and a little fearful of the woman who raised her.

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NaNoWriMo Update…

Not Much to Brag About, So Far…

I am so behind on word count in NaNoWriMo that it’s frightening. I have just over 1,000 words clocked. The app tells me that at the rate I’m going, I will hit 50,000 words during the second week in May.

This working full time is cramping my style…

I’m writing the coolest story, though. It’s a horror/end-of-life-as-we-know-it kind of thing and it takes place on a cruise ship. I’m having a difficult time actually typing, because the cat wants to help (I accidentally locked her out for nearly an hour, and she feels I owe her something for that…).

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Motherhood Did Not Always Become Me…
Ky & Patch-1998

Don’t Let Her “Wide-Awakety” Fool You… This picture was likely taken at 2 AM.

There are things I did as the mother of a toddler, that would totally have embarrassed me to admit, back when my now-all-grown-up little girl was still a toddler. It’s a little embarrassing to admit to those things even now, although she did survive. It’s more surprising that *I* survived, to tell the truth.

Ky was one of those kids that refused to sleep at night. I joke around with new mothers all the time, about how my kid is 20-years-old and hasn’t slept through the night yet. She wanted to sleep during the day, but that was mainly because she didn’t sleep at night. Ever.

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The Retirement J.O.B.

beer shirt

Soon, I Shall Have This –
the beer, not the shirt.

So I went broke. Again. My retirement was short, but worth it. I got to go back to The Toy Store again, too.

Now, I work both locations – the one on the hill, which was the second location I ever worked at. Louie ran it then, before HE had a melt-down and quit (I don’t think he cried in the back room when he did it though, the way I did). His retirement lasted a little longer than mine did — before he came back to manage the location he’s in now.

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A Canadian Hero…
Cpl. Nathan Frank Cirillo

Cpl. Nathan Frank Cirillo

Rest In Peace

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NOT Growing Old Gracefully…

I’m 17 on the Inside…

Really For Real I Swear This is What Came up on the Playlist Random Song-for-the-Day: “What Makes You Beautiful” – One Direction

ROTFL!! Yes, God does have a sense of humour!

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The Unconventional Guide to Wearing No Pants…
There Should Be Pants Here

What Not To Do:

I don’t like pants. I like comfort, and pants don’t equate with that. Any pants, really, but some are a little more comfortable than others. Yoga pants, for example, can be worn to work if you’re skinny and old and decidedly not-sexy, so that’s what I wear to the J.O.B., even though there is a strict NO YOGA PANTS policy; it’s right there written in the dress code. I don’t get called out on the dress code, because on me, apparently, yoga pants do not resemble yoga pants. I dare not ask what they do resemble. I don’t want to know.

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Funny/Scary PSA…
Honk if...

But seriously, though…

Random Song-for-the-Day: “Running on Ice” – Billy Joel

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