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The Washer-Woman Went AWOL…

It’s Day 2 of my Holidays. No, I don’t miss work. I do kind of miss the spider, though. I met him/her on my lunch break a while back and he/she was good company. I have great big plans for the next few days and so far, I haven’t done any of it other than […]

Oh Mother...! The Father Chronicles

65 Years Ago Today, My Dad Wrote This:

In three days’ time, my father will have been dead for a year. I have a hard time believing that. Sometimes, it feels as if he’s been gone forever. Other times, I hang up the phone mid-dial, when I remember that he won’t be there to answer whatever question I wanted to ask him – […]

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There Were Moments of Stupidity…

  RadioLes Returns!!     There Were Moments of Stupidity… – © Les Becker, 2010 Click the link to hear me tell the story.. (Oh, come on! Ya know ya want to!)Holy shit – 21 days into 2009, and this is my first blog post of the New Year. I should be ashamed. I’m not. […]

Little Bits of Stupid Photography

If a Car Hits a Tree in the Forest…

Of course, my Dad found out. He always found out everything I was up to, and he always gave me a chance to own up to it, relating the dirty deed to me in a manner designed to make me believe he really didn’t know who had done it. You know, in case I wanted […]

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Knickety-Knackety Now-Now-Now…

Ruby wanted me to post a picture of snowshoes for this post. I would have, too, but I couldn’t find any snowshoes to take a picture of, and the ones stealable online were all too small to suit me. Besides, Ruby’s cherry tomatoes are gorgeous, aren’t they? Ruby and I got talking about snowshoes in […]

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You Want Fries with that Burger…?

Ain’t I Angelic… “looking”? Ah, yes, appearances can be deceiving, though, can’t they? The dog knows differently, you can tell by the look on her face. This picture was taken by my father in 1971. I would have been around 5 at the time. The dog (her name was Goldie), was 4, and I think […]

The Landlady

…Like a Woman Scorned.

Guess Who’s Jealous, Now…?! I was telling Ruby tonight about posting my Dad’s harrowing experience on the ice in 1938. I had been about to add that I thought he was jealous of all the attention she was getting from my readers. I didn’t get the chance, because once I told her the story she […]

The Father Chronicles

Ruby’s Right – You Can’t Trust That Internet.

Team in Winter – Source Unknown I found this info while looking for links for this waaaaaay back story of my dad’s that he told me on Saturday. I’m still shaking my head. Ruby says you can’t trust that Internet – and I guess she’s right, this time, at least. This is not a “Ghost […]

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“Gooder and Gooder”

… as I overheard a small child say today. Laughed out loud, I did. And Ruby laughed out loud yesterday, when I told her this joke. She then proceeded to tell me an even “blue-er” one, but I can’t remember it well enough to share, sorry. Ruby has a great laugh, and I’m hearing it […]