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Meet the New Camera…

Louie took my camera away. Something about his Very Significant Other and Mexico (Damn, but I hate it when people go to Mexico without me! Don’t I, Suzi?).

It’s all good, though. I got pissed (“How do you expect me to work without a camera?!”), and stomped down to the mall yesterday and bought a better camera. Ummmm…. from Louie.

Canon Powershot A550

Of course, I went directly on a Walk-About to test it out. And, of course, the feature I like best is the optical zoom.

Can you see it...?
Can you see it…?
(How ’bout now…?)

I walked up to my parents’ place to show it off. My dad was suitably impressed. My mom offered to buy it for me for my birthday (Ooooh… deja vu…). Not being stupid, I accepted. And no. It’s not my birthday.

Now, it just needs a name. Suggestions…?

UPDATE: Her name is Hilary Federwhore. When I like her, I will call her “Hil”. When she pisses me off, she will be “Ya Little Whore“, just like my dad would do…

Random Song for the Day: “Chicago” – Sufjan Stevens

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Ooooh, very nice. You can’t really consider a camera “tested” until it’s been to Mexico, though. You need to get Louie to send you on a camera testing trip to Cancun. It would be unprofessional to use an untested camera to shoot photos for a professional web site, you know.

Hey Les, you were asking about using direction in screenplays? There is a way to cheat and stick them in using specific ways of writing, some of it is mentioned here

and if you need a great bundle of sites to read, this blogger put a bunch of good ones together

Les Says: Yeah, but what do you think of the CAMERA?! LOL!

Actually, thanks much for the info, Todd – if I ever get a second and a half I will be all over those links. I appreciate it; and thanks for the visit!

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