It May Just Be Spring, After All…

I think it might be, because the smell outside my window smacks unmistakably of what can only be described as “Old Cat-Box”. Nasty analogy, I know, but there you have it. And the weather has finally been fine long enough for me to trust it.

Which may be a mistake...
Which may be a mistake…

This is Canuckia, after all. It could start to blizzard any minute. But, so far, so good – it was “Walk-About Weather” today, if ever I saw it, so off I went.

Does anybody remember The Pigman? For those that do, look what I came across on my Walk-About today…

The Cup
The Cup

For those interested, my “Road of Life” is, apparently, the stretch of Wellington St. West/East from Gore St. all the way up to Pathways Retirement Home. Now you know. For those confused, you really ought to read Paul Zindel.

Okay, that’s enough “For Thoses”…

I found this on the last Walk-About...
I found this on the last Walk-About…

…but didn’t get around to posting it before falling down the rabbit-hole for awhile there. This is my future home, you know, or one like it, if I ever make The Great Escape (not to mention, get a driver’s license and a truck to pull it with…). I wonder about the possibilities of mobile employment…? I’m gonna need to pay for gas, I think, as it may be difficult to conduct a proper getaway whilst hauling this thing behind me.

I didn’t really get much out of my Walk-About today… the egg salad at lunch didn’t sit particularly well, and usually the walk home will make that sort of thing better, but today not so much. Beer. Beer is the answer.

Kyla is off on her school trip to Toronto – left yesterday morning, walking on air all the way to meet up with her bus. She gets a luxury tour-bus ride there and back, a 4-star hotel (she packed three swimsuits because she couldn’t decide which to wear), a trip to the top of the CNN tower, the Science Center, shopping at the Eaton’s Center, and to top it off, tickets to The Phantom of the Opera… which she will wear this.
…to which she will wear this.

…if she doesn’t chicken out, that is. She and another girl dared each other to “dress to the nines” for this shindig, but she brought a slightly-less formal outfit with her, in case they lost their nerve.

Again, Gramma & Grampa came through for this trip. I managed the cost of the bus/hotel/Phantom tickets, which came as a package deal, but she would have starved while there (not to mention lost out on shopping and sightseeing, which would have just killed her), if they hadn’t offered to help.

Of course, as luck would have it, her camera went in for repair last week, but Louie came through for her on that point, loaning her a camera of the same ilk, just one step up, and in a way cooler colour. She’s not going to want to give it back, I don’t think.

And speaking of cameras, my mom bought me Hilary for my birthday (no, it’s not my birthday), which I don’t generally like to celebrate (there’s something sort of embarrassing about getting a lot of attention for managing to stay alive another year), but my mother always acknowledges it, and who am to take away her pleasure in paying for a camera I should not have bought to begin with, (I’m supposed to be paying down the debt, not adding to it…) since it makes her happy – LOL!

Oddly, I got a call from one sister and a brother as well, which was weird. Possibly even a first. Nice though; I was genuinely touched.

And there! I have run out of steam. I’m going to drink my beer, try not to buy cigarettes, and edit the sound on that “way late” commercial, now that I’ve had a lesson in the software I’m using. Still, I think it’s going to be a long rest of the weekend.

Note to self: Don’t forget to pick up kid at designated bus drop-off at 6:30 Sunday. I don’t suppose anybody out there might think to remind me…?

Random Song for the Day: “That I Would Be Good” – Alanis Morrisette

4 Replies to “It May Just Be Spring, After All…”

  1. Lock up your daughter, Matt thinks she’s cute, and wants to know how old she is..

    I just LOVED those photo’s.. now, if I could only get you up to speed on photoshop cs2, I’ll make a proper photographer of you yet. On a serious note; you have a great eye – not everyone has.

    And I’m wiggling my toes in delight, to see your up to speed on your posts again (knew you would be). Good reading, hon – thanks. x

    Les Says: Actually, I AM fairly “up” with Photoshop cs2 – just can’t be bothered for the blog much anymore (it’s more a venting place, as you now know, for the time-being, at least) – I work with it for school quite a bit, and eventually for other sites I’m working on/with. Thanks for the compliments on my “eye”, though.

    And tell Matt I’m glad he’s an ocean away – LOL!

  2. So you walk to the retirement home every time you go out ?

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    Les Says: Oh, LAUGH, OldGuy! That’s hilarious! But, ahem, sometimes it does feel that way… I’ll have to pick a new destination next Walk-About, I think.

  3. Ok, another mild butt kick coming up.. have you got the software on your lap top for cs2? If so, use it. You deserve to be the best you are, in everything. I can send you a disc for photoshop 7 (an earlier incarnation) which is virtually the same as cs2 – just shout by leaving your address in my mailbox (I’ll promise not to publish it – he,he,he).

    Oh, and yeah, forget the ticket, I’ve sent the lear jet – but bring your own freakin’ chair!!

    (Isn’t it about time for another post in here?)

    Les Says: Actually, from the look of this disk label it’s cs3 going on the new computer (and then the laptop to replace an old version). Thanks for the jet, tell them to park on the roof.

    A post?!! Holy hell, Carol! School, new computer set-up, 4 commercials, beer, die. Not necessarily in that order. A post will, unfortunately have to wait a couple days….

  4. Damn girl, I’m falling behind here, heard a newer version was about to be launched.. I’m very envious! Okay, what with your other pastimes, ‘n all, guess I can let you off a few days on that post.. BUT ONLY if you agree to take those pictures up there, and run them through what you know will do best.. I’M WAITING. (Don’t make me angry, now.)

    Les Says: Frightened as I am, I’m afraid I shall have to risk your wrath…. I’ve got no time to ‘shop for the blog. At least until I get caught up. ‘Sides, by the time I shut photoshop down from homework and “keep me sane” projects, I’m sick of it.

    On the up side… MY NEW COMPUTER IS UP AND LIVE! HURRAH! Of course, now I have to actually do some work. Blah.

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