Blackberry Summer

Posted by Les Becker on May 30, 2007 in The Landlady |

I have a “Landlady” excerpt. No, I still haven’t got my first funny Landlady Story written yet, but that’s because I’m going to end up with a based-on-a-True-Story kind of piece; which pisses my landlady right off, to tell the truth. I told her my plan, to take her funny memory of her barmaid job […]

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Fatso Ratso is No More…

Posted by Les Becker on May 29, 2007 in Real Life |

5 Things I’ve Learned About Brown Rats That I Didn’t Know Yesterday: 1) A brown rat may not understand English (else why would he not cooperate and stay in the cage once warned of the consequences?), but I know of one that certainly picks up on “change of heart” quickly. 2) A brown rat can […]


The Good, the Bad, and the Downright Creepy…

Posted by Les Becker on May 27, 2007 in Amazon Products, Gift Shop, Little Bits of Stupid, Movie Mentions, Real Life |

The Good I slept last night! Oops. I guess I mean the night before last. Friday night, anyway. I’ve been having sleep concerns since before I quit the Dream Job; it’s a big part of the reason I quit to begin with. Still wide awake, staring at walls, ceilings, clocks, tvs, computer screens, or the […]


Beam Me Up, Scotty…

Posted by Les Becker on May 23, 2007 in Little Bits of Stupid, Real Life |

One has a crinkly beard that grows half-way down his chest. I’m not sure how he manages to keep hammers and such from becoming entangled. Perhaps that’s where he stores his tools? One wears suspenders, which I find odd; he looks to be all of 20 years old, and I’ve never seen anyone wear suspenders […]


And That’s the Way It Is…

Posted by Les Becker on May 19, 2007 in J.O.B., Real Life, School, The Father Chronicles |

I’ve quit The Dream Job. School was (is) going down the crapper and I’ve been spending catch-up time in school worrying about The Dream Job, and catch-up time at The Dream Job worrying about school. Nothing was getting done. If I can “fast-track” through school somehow, I might manage to give myself a buffer of […]


The Every-Day Average Conversation That Goes Something Like This…

Posted by Les Becker on May 17, 2007 in Little Bits of Stupid |

AKA – Why I Really Don’t Like “Real” People. (If I had the guts to say what I’m thinking, that is; but that would just be MEAN, now wouldn’t it?) She: ….and it was lime-green! Now, normally I don’t go for lime-green but it IS so IN right now, and it’s EVERYWHERE!! What do you […]


Quacks Like the Cat, She Does…

Posted by Les Becker on May 12, 2007 in Kyla Becker, Music, Video... |

Kyla’s Spring Concert for Thomas Walls School of Music took place on Sunday, May 6th. We woke up having forgotten all about it, believe it or not, and once I remembered, and hustled Ky into a practice, we discovered she couldn’t sing. Seriously. Panic ensued. It’s all explained in the video intro, and she did […]



Posted by Les Becker on May 11, 2007 in Real Life |

… a little to the left, I think. Big SNAFU at school. I’m left with a course “half-administrated”, if that makes any sense. I have the book for the next online course, but the course hasn’t been “turned on” online, so I can’t download the work files and do any actual work. It’s one of […]


Not My Idea of a Spectacular Return – It’s All Suzi’s Fault…

Posted by Les Becker on May 9, 2007 in Little Bits of Stupid, School |

I had expected to come back here with a finished “Landlady Story”. Nope. Not finished. Then, I figured, I’d post the new cartoon I’m working on. Nope. Not finished. So, I thought, well, it’ll probably be Ky’s Spring Concert video. Sorry. Not rendered. Then, on my way back from a grocery run this afternoon, I […]


Possible Great and Amazing Disappearing Act Underway…

Posted by Les Becker on May 1, 2007 in J.O.B., School |

I’m having serious “time” issues. I’m finding myself squeezed in between The Day Job (AKA “school”), which is a full-time occupation, from which I actually fear being “fired” since I can’t seem to move forward through my courses, and The Dream Job, which has become more of a Nightmare Job, since I’m so behind in […]

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