I Think She’s Trying to Show Me Up…
Kyla Becker- May 31, 2007

Kyla Becker
Taken May 31, 2007 with Canon PowerShot A550

Apparently, there is another writer in the family. [[ DAMN! She killed her blog; can’t show her off anymore. 🙁 ]] – spell checked and the whole nine yards…

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4 Responses to I Think She’s Trying to Show Me Up…

  1. Denise says:

    Wow. Amazing the things we find out about our darlings.
    I am sure you are a proud mother. As well you should be.

    Les Says: I am, thank you. She turned that in at school and got an A-. I was more than impressed.

  2. MotherPie says:

    Wow. Where did the graphic talent come from, I wonder. I caught that first, impressed. Then I looked at your .com and not the blog.

    Les Says: If your referring to her blog theme, I’m afraid I can’t take credit for that, much as I’d like to. I do build templates, but haven’t had the time to worry through debugging the php until I get something that actually works in WordPress. That also is on the list… that list is getting longer by the minute.

  3. MotherPie says:

    Not just Ruby with words and you are documenting it, but whoah — WOW. There is graphic talent there. Where did that come from?

    Les Says: …and now to the “other” thing I think you may be referring to… that ability she has to “paint with words”…? That, I like to think, is hereditary… 🙂

  4. OldGuy says:

    Another writer, that’s great.

    Tell her to keep it up !

    Les Says: Well, okay. But if she ends up better than me, I’m shoving her back down.

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