The Real World Beckons…

…or rather, It’s ordered me to take care of some things I’ve been avoiding; loose ends that need to be tied up, legal issues, school concerns, employment and living accommodations.

I hate the Real World. It’s no longer a friendly place for me to be, and I find much more comfort in the acquaintances I’ve met online from other cities and countries – people I may never meet face-to-face. How weird is that?

I’ve set up a few automatic posts; some cartoons (not great renditions – just the original drawings so I’ll apologize ahead of time for the “fuzziness”) on Fridays, and Part IV of “The Waitress” will come up this coming Sunday. I have no idea when I’ll be able to finish the conclusion. I’m sorry for that; I’d like to know how it ends, myself.

Not sure when I’ll be back – I WILL be back, though. Where else would I go?

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7 Responses to The Real World Beckons…

  1. BeckEye says:

    You don’t like The Real World? But it looks so sexy and awesome on TV.

  2. OldGuy says:

    Ah, the real world.

    Why must it constantly intrude into the comfortable little cocoons we’ve established for ourselves eh ?

  3. MotherPie says:

    Real world. The virtual world is sometimes more real than the real world. My kids spend more time relating online through facebook and by texting than they do sometimes in person.

    The dichotomy of life. Have fun in the RW.

  4. chewy says:

    I find it’s harder and awkward making new friends in the real world… especially as one gets older.

  5. Mushy says:

    Having the power of God in your hands is one of the perks to being a writer! Not knowing how it turns out now is the only thing separating us.

  6. glomgold says:

    The real world can be quite a bummer. I do kind of know what you’re saying about the online people because that whole element of obligation can be lifted with them.
    Make sure you do not fade off; do come back! Good luck with the real world.

  7. JWS says:

    Don’t feel bad. Life is about balance.

    Post something when you feel moved to do so. Your blog is something you can develop completely on your own terms (unless you want to make a buck off the thing – then you have to bow to the will of the masses.)

    Come back when you’re ready.

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