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Posted by Les Becker on September 10, 2007 in Real Life, School |


The school deadline has passed. I have three exams left to write (I may want to consider studying for those at some point this week).

My last assignment for the Flash Experience Design course was an interesting one, and I got a great mark of 94% – I was pleased with that one. The final mark in the course was 89%, which kind of sucked because I got really good marks overall in the assignments, but kind of bombed out on the exam. I’m much better in the “practical” stuff – envision it, build it, yep, no problem. Talk about/teach it? Ummmm… not so much, no. Anyway, here’s that last assignment.

Back out into the real world again (uck), I officially have NO income now. Not a completely comfortable position. So, while I rebuild resumes for “real world jobs”, I’ve been applying for writing jobs as well: three on Saturday, and one today, so far.

I’ve also accepted a “maybe” freelance Flash job – “maybe” because I’m not sure there’s really a job there to accept, yet, but I’m pleased, nonetheless. This would go a long way toward feeling like the last eleven months haven’t been a big waste of my time. It would also go a good portion of the way toward keeping a roof over my head come November. Fingers crossed.

Have I actually written anything today? Uh, yeah… this post, anyway. There’s a new little sprout in my head though… beginning, middle, end, and all that, even. And the Ruby story end is coming for the handful on the reading list. Honest. It is, really.

Random Song for the Day: “Swinging on the Cusp” – Count Basie


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