What Is It?

Posted by Les Becker on September 18, 2007 in J.O.B., Photography, School |

Yes, just here to educate y’all, and have some fun in the process…

I’m having fun playing with my camera again. And this is a really cool thing. The whole picture is at the bottom of the post.

In other news, I applied to another School-Wasn’t-a-Waste job today. The money would be much better than the one I applied to yesterday (which I got a call about today, to ascertain that I’m “qualified” for an interview – so far, so good), but, like the other one, it’s a temporary position. I don’t know how long the placement would last, but I want this job.

I also applied for another “I-Don’t-Really-Wanna-Do-This-But-I-Need-the-Money” position. We won’t talk about that one…

Studying for my exams…? Uh, yeah. I gotta get on that.

Writing…? I have been, yes. More news about finished projects and newly begun projects should soon be posted.

Web-Development, now… That “almost” freelance job (which I still haven’t got the all-clear on, unfortunately, but, I want that job, too!) has jump-started my interest in design and development again, and I’ve been playing with some ideas for my own sites.

With all this stuff going on, I’m not sure I have time to work a job…

Here’s that pic. Nice, eh?

It’s a Geode.

And I think mine is prettier than any of the ones at Wikipedia.

Random Song for the Day: “Fields of Fire” – Big Country


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