The Bee Keeper

The Bee Keeper

The Bee Keeper & Hives

The Bee Keeper & Hives

My dad was the youngest of the six boys, and the only kid younger than he was, was my Aunt Lynne – the only girl in the family – and probably pretty much spoiled for it.

Since my Dad was the youngest of the boys, he was the one left on the farm to help out at the start of the War. As a sideline, my grandfather kept a small stand of trees that he sold timber off of. My father’s “sideline” was bees.

David says G,day – Sheikh says “Quack”

dory & daffy

Dory and Daffy are at odds as to what I should do with the day…

David McMahon has very generously offered his expertise to the Internet at large…

“In view of the fact that all bloggers are writers (but not vice versa!) I was wondering if you could help me with one of my major aims. I recently started a daily post on tips for writers, called `Telling Write From Wrong’. I would like this to become a central point for writers of any description, any nationality, any age and any interest, to get honest advice from an experienced writer. They can leave their questions as comments – and I will answer them.”

I’m excited about this. I have many questions. I also have many things on my to-do list that really should take priority over my writing, at least for the next couple of weeks. This has brought me, as usual, to a stand-still.

I must become employed. At this point, I must become employed at anything that will bring in a regular paycheck. This causes procrastination of a frightening caliber, as my choices are slim, and all of the choices suck. The last time I was in this position I took the first J.O.B. that presented itself, and then languished in retail, getting “broker” by the paycheck for a decade. I don’t want that to happen again. Ever.

Freelance in writing and web development is a more enjoyable and surprisingly possible option, as opportunities are certainly presenting themselves willy-nilly… but it’s not enough, yet, for that “Starvation Prevention” item that’s rather high up on the list.

Dory and Daffy, the only Life Advisers left now, are at odds with each other.

Daffy says, “Get off your ass; take the first paying job you can get, Stupid!”

Dory says, “What a nice day!”

I say, “What about writing?”

Daffy says, “You can write in the off-hours. The fridge is empty. You’re getting stupid. Again.”

Dory says, “Sing with me! Oooooouuuuaaaaaaaaah!

I say, “I don’t want to sling coffee. I don’t want to sell long-distance packages to screaming people in Florida from a phone-pod in the middle of 500 identical phone-pods…”

Dory says, “Just keep swimming.”

Daffy says, “Get this rock off my foot so I can get a decent swing at the fish.”

Sheikh the Cat says, “Who are you talking to?”

I say, “My advisers. I have to get a paying job.”

Sheikh says, “Are we out of chicken?”

I say, “Not…. yet….”

Sheikh says, “Don’t worry about it. Continue petting. Quack!”

So far, today, Sheikh is winning.

Random Song for the Day: “In a Sentimental Mood” – Billy Joel

I Did Something Bad.

I Did Something Bad.

...but Necessary.

…but Necessary.

I spent money I don’t have on something I don’t need. That doesn’t make having it now any less necessary, mind you. Now that I’ve got the damned thing, it’s as necessary as the Internet. Or air.

I went out to the dreaded mall. I went out with the best of intentions – to get those dress slacks I couldn’t find yesterday in a safer place. Found ’em! They even fit. Sort of.

Then, I did a silly thing and went to visit Louie, and there found The Necessary Thing. No, I should not have bought it. Yes, I feel guilty.

It’s still necessary. Now that it’s mine.

PS… I sold a silly little “blip” to an online funny-papers kind of place. Not what I expected for a first sale, but you won’t hear me complaining, either.

Random Song for the Day: “The Mariner’s Revenge Song” – The Decemberists [the song displayed on my shiny, new, (and necessary) MP3 player]

Jeans that Fit (and other things)

Jeans that Fit (and other things)



I went shopping today, if you could call it that. I hate stores; I hate shopping in general. In particular, I hate shopping for clothes. Unfortunately, I have no suitable attire for job-hunting/interviews, so I was forced to go shopping. Ugh.

I also have that “no income” thing going on, so I went to one of our local thrifty-difty kind of places, which is cool with me, as I’m all for pinching a penny ’til it shrieks.

I found NO dress slacks in my size, which apparently is somewhere this side of nothing. I did, however, become the proud owner of a pair of jeans that will stay up when I walk – the first I’ve found since the pair pictured in this post, which has since died a good death. I consider $5.99 for jeans that fit to be a good deal, bearing in mind that I’m hoping to actually reach a “normal” weight some time in this lifetime (mine or the jeans’) and I’d hate to have to pitch a pair of $50-$90 jeans because I finally met a goal. Granted, I expect to be gainfully employed before that happens anyway, so maybe it won’t matter much by then.

I also caved and paid an additional $5.99 for a new (to me) white dress shirt rather than steal another one from my Dad’s closet. And get caught. Again. I’m pleased to report that the “pouty face” still works on him, and the nice gray one I was caught absconding with last week was reluctantly given to me free and clear. I didn’t even get grounded.

In other news, my brain is itching to get at the new story I mentioned in my previous post. The Ruby Story is not yet finished, however, – but it’s getting there! I’m working! – and I refuse to start anything new until it is, unless there is a paycheck attached to it. I looked into the Magic Paycheck for Writing Mirror yesterday, though, and (holding breath), saw the words “Paychecks May Be Closer Than They Appear.” Hope springs eternal. Belief, on the other hand, is as yet suspended until somebody shows me the money.

And now… I must study. Blah.

Random Song for the Day – “Peephole” – System of a Down

Where I’m At…

Where I’m At…



The school deadline has passed. I have three exams left to write (I may want to consider studying for those at some point this week).

My last assignment for the Flash Experience Design course was an interesting one, and I got a great mark of 94% – I was pleased with that one. The final mark in the course was 89%, which kind of sucked because I got really good marks overall in the assignments, but kind of bombed out on the exam. I’m much better in the “practical” stuff – envision it, build it, yep, no problem. Talk about/teach it? Ummmm… not so much, no. Anyway, here’s that last assignment.

Back out into the real world again (uck), I officially have NO income now. Not a completely comfortable position. So, while I rebuild resumes for “real world jobs”, I’ve been applying for writing jobs as well: three on Saturday, and one today, so far.

I’ve also accepted a “maybe” freelance Flash job – “maybe” because I’m not sure there’s really a job there to accept, yet, but I’m pleased, nonetheless. This would go a long way toward feeling like the last eleven months haven’t been a big waste of my time. It would also go a good portion of the way toward keeping a roof over my head come November. Fingers crossed.

Have I actually written anything today? Uh, yeah… this post, anyway. There’s a new little sprout in my head though… beginning, middle, end, and all that, even. And the Ruby story end is coming for the handful on the reading list. Honest. It is, really.

Random Song for the Day: “Swinging on the Cusp” – Count Basie