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And the Answer Is…

"Food for Thought"Taken August 28, 2005 with HP PhotoSmart R607
“Food for Thought”
Taken August 28, 2005 with HP PhotoSmart R607

How’s that for disgusting? Nothing like a rotting, squirrel-gnawed apple rolled in dirt to whet the appetite. Hope it’s not dinner-time where you are.

This lovely vision is, of course, the answer to the last “What Is It?”. Gross, eh? 😀

On a bright, bright(!) note, JimKin has nominated “Where the Walls are Soft” in not one (not even two), but three categories at The Blogger’s Choice Awards! Check it out – I’m so impressed! I swear, if it weren’t for The Pyrates, I’d already be on the way to his house to steal him away. Belike!!

Random Song for the Day: “Hollow Life” – Korn

5 replies on “And the Answer Is…”

Thanks for the nastiness while I’m eating lunch, Hecubus! Evil, Evil, impolite and Evil!!

Les Says: Well, I AM the one who’s been sucked down into the Pit of Ultimate Darkness that is …. DREAMWEAVER! And I’m not sure how I’m to be the Manservant and JimKin’s Right-Hand Sycophant at the same time. I’m going to have to set the cloning machine to “3”, now. Thank you very much.

Drats, I missed What is It… thanks for saying you like the new blog style. Now you know what I have been up to the past few weeks, inventing myself all over again

Les Says: A FEW WEEKS TO REINVENT YOURSELF?! I’ve been trying to do that for over NINE MONTHS and I still don’t amount to a real “person” yet. I think you just pushed me back down the rabbit hole, Todd. Throw me a rope, would you? It’s the least you could do (or short cut my Great Escape by sponsoring me into the States. Yeah, that’d be good…).

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