Attention, Please.

Please welcome Plumeria to the Blogosphere. She’s new to this bloggery thing, but spreading her digital wings and man, oh man, can she write!

I’m not kidding. Read. She’s amazing. I’m fighting jealousy over her eloquence, and I’m not even half-joking when I say that.

Now’s the time to get to know her, and make points, folks. If I’m not mistaken, there will come a day (soon) that we will all be proud to say “I knew her when…”

Random Song for the Day: “Move On” from Sunday in the Park with George – Bernadette Peters & Mandy Patinken

4 Replies to “Attention, Please.”

  1. You, my dear, should bow to no one!

    Les Says: Awww, Mushy, you say the sweetest things! It’s built in, though, you know… I’m one of them “polite” Canadians, after all!

  2. Look at you promoting and sharing. How Canadian and non-catty of you! Are you sure you’re a chick?

    Les Says: LOL! Funny you should ask… I have always said “I can’t possibly be a
    ‘real’ girl.” Mostly to guys, on account of every complaint they ever
    have about women and ‘chicks’ makes so much sense. ‘Real’ girls are
    insane. They must be (not that I would say that to a ‘real’ girl’s face –
    they fight dirty; all fingernails and knee caps and shin kicking. Yup.

    So… ummm…. if you’re a ‘real’ girl…. I take that back.

  3. I’m with Mushy. Will check her out for sure.

    Novel’s done and I’m back in Blogland!!!

    Les Says: HURRAH!! [Les does the Happy Dance for David} Congratulations! I love Blogger/Novelists… see, where you’re concerned, David, I get to say “Look! A Published Author (almost TWICE, now!)!!! AND I KNOW HIM ANYWAY!!” 😀

    It’s a relief to know that you’re back with us again, finally, though. Some of us (well… me.) need all the help you can offer.

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