Just Call Me “Patches”

"Deadly"© Les Becker, 2006Taken April 8, 2006 with HP PhotoSmart R607
© Les Becker, 2006
Taken April 8, 2006 with HP PhotoSmart R607

So, I swallowed a big lump of pride. I’m on Day 2 of “The Patch”. The fact that I stopped smoking successfully cold turkey in December of ’06 (lasted damned near 5 months, too!), and that it wasn’t that difficult at the time, doesn’t make me feel any less a hypocrite now, for not admitting that I can’t seem to do it a second time.

I’ll bet I’ve “quit” smoking at least a dozen times since May of 2007 – the month of Kick My Ass – because I took a drag and then felt miserable enough about it to go out and buy a pack. I was up to about a pack a day in under two weeks. I wasn’t even smoking a half a pack a day before my so-called “successful” Quit Day that last December. Pitiful.

Worse, my mom called me the other day to crow about My Brother the Trespasser having quit smoking. Again. This time he went on the Patch, and said smoking didn’t even cross his mind. Yeah, right… thought I. Ha.

But, I hated the idea of my mom putting him on the top of her fave list. It’s really hard to get to that position when you have a bunch of siblings. I’m not the favourite very often, and I never get to stay there for very long.

So, I marched my ass to the pharmacy about two minutes after I hung up the phone. No way is he going to beat me.

And I have to admit – I’ve only had even the most remote “wish” for a cigarette once since I put the first patch on yesterday morning. And that was early this morning, for all of about 30 seconds after I’d put a fresh patch on. The rest of the time, the thought “cigarette” sort of feels like when you repeat the same word over and over and over again. It’s kind of meaningless. I think the hard part, if there is one, is going to come on the first “patchless” day, which will be on either March 9th or March 16th (I have trouble counting weeks, don’t I?).

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PS – Interesting idea I came across at a blog called “Today’s World Seen in a Different Light”… I will no longer refer to myself as “not quite a Baby-Boomer”.

clipped from www.thewritersnewsroom.blogspot.com

“Gen V” – The Virtual Generation

We may have found a way to bridge the generation gap!

In the past each generation has been referred in some way that lets people know what the most popular part of life was at that time, in recent years it has been given letters. How many remember, Gen X or Gen Y? The explained a single group of people in a specific age group. Today, however, the generations have come together to create, “Generation V,” or “The Virtual Generation.” The main difference with Gen V is it does not encompass only one age group – Gen V includes all ages, all backgrounds and anyone who has a computer, or uses one.

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Random Song-for-the-Day: “Dime a Dance” – Vicki Lawrence

8 Replies to “Just Call Me “Patches””

  1. I only have one sibling and I’m the oldest by 10 years. I am the one that takes care of mom, never borrows money from her, and visits often. But when my brother throws her a crumb she is all forgiving and I drop from the top. It’s always been that way and always will. I have accepted it.

    Stay strong and resist the temptation!

    Les Says: I’ve gotta say that all the competition among us is fairly light-hearted. In the end, I will ALWAYS win. Cuz I’m “The Baby”. So, I’m spoiled AND I will outlive them all. Especially now that I’m not smoking.

    So far, temptation does not exist. I feel confident that this time is forever. Like I say… so far. 😉

  2. My brother and I constantly compete for our parents’ affection, and the truth is that they seem to think we’re both pretty swell. Neither of us smoke, but I’m going to start a rumor that Eddie has started. That’ll put me at the top for a little while, huh?

    Congratulations on your most recent quit, Les! The patch sounds great. Is there a patch that would make me get my ass to the gym?

    Les Says: Yes. That patch is on the ass itself (I noticed it on my own ass while looking at the sagging thing and thinking about my unused stepper). I suggest we kick each other in the patch?

  3. ***Standing ovation from the Southland*** I am attempting to resist grabbing my pom poms and stumbling thru a herkie…. however, I just decided it would not be pretty and probably would displace my dinner. You can do this, it certainly isn’t bigger or tougher than you are, skull ashtray and all. Come on Betch! Yessssss you can can. Ahem. Okay. Very proud that you continue to forge on and remember, we must never let the brother win!

    Les Says: Well, I have to admit that he’s got me beat by a bit, since he quit on Boxing Day (December 26th to all you non-Canuckians). I certainly don’t want him to start again, by any means, but this does mean I will have to get down and dirty to stay on top. Maybe I’ll try Suzi’s trick and just tell my mom he started again? 😀

    I can just picture you doing a “herkie” – no idea what that might entail, but I have a helluvan imagination!! ROTFL!!!

  4. When I tried “The Patch”, it made me extremely jittery. Like I had drunk a gallon of coffee.

    I don’t drink caffeine. I hated the feeling.

    Chantix worked for me in about a week.


    I LIKE smoking, LOL. So I’m a smoker again. I just know that if I ever seriously want to stop smoking, I’ll just get Chantix again. 😉

    Les Says: I have always found smoking to be easier to quit, even temporarily, than coffee, oddly. Stopping coffee cold turkey gives me a massive headache. I’ve been trying to cut down, though, and it’s easier if I stay away from Ruby… Yeah. Like THAT’S gonna happen!

    Continuing to smoke, once I decided I MUST quit, just made me feel like a hypocrite, especially when I caught my kid at it. BAAAAAAAAAD Mom feeling turned the page for me, I think.

  5. Why do I constantly forget that the two of us are rockin’ last borns? I understand Com.Plete.Ly. The competition piece between siblings. Unfortunately ours (in my crazy FOO) is anything BUT light-hearted. It’s cut throat baby.

    And I am not a favorite, not by a long shot. But I *think* I have krazeee locked up. And that’s good enough for me. These people seem to actually respect krazeee.

    Les Says: I always felt a little like the proverbial “Black Sheep” of the family, because my dreams are rather ummmm…. “large”, and I got/get the impression that the rest of them consider me a little (or a lot) “Out. There.” Maybe even “Waaaaaaaay Out. There.”.

    I resented that for a long time. Now, I kind of enjoy the idea that I’m “Out. There.”, which seems to make me feel a little more support, real or imagined, I’m not really sure of, from my FOO (don’t mind if I steal your “Family of Origin” acronym, do ya, Betch?!). That feeling does make the “Enjoy the Moment” habit easier to form, too.

  6. I quit smoking years ago, one of the toughest things I ever did. I’ve never even considered giving up coffee though. I expect my heart would simply explode if I tried that.

    Les Says: OldGuy, your heart is so big that if it exploded, I’d have to open an umbrella way over here… have a cup of coffee. 😀

  7. i am not a smoker, but hopefully there’s a patch,too, for too much diet soda! 😀

    Les Says: That stuff, I managed to replace with decaf tea, somehow…

  8. Does the patch give you acid flashback-like dreams? The only times I quit were when I was reproducing….

    Les Says: YES. I was warned, too, but the dreams are still unexpectedly weird. One night I was being chased in some underground cavernish building by underground cavernish ‘things’ that were forming a new government or something – and they had lawn mowers… night before last I was playing tag with Craig Ferguson.

    I KNOW!!!

    I should be writing these down…. wait a minute… duh.

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