Colour Me Embarrassed…
"What - Me?  Procrastinate?!"

“What – Me? Procrastinate?!”

Remember this!? Oh, yeah, that! I remember that!


I posted it on February 11th. Ahem…*

I don’t like breaking promises. I didn’t break this one, thankfully, so much as delayed it. By a loooooong time.

Cardiogirl, my shetbag of a partner in crime and caption-contest-hosting, is blaming herself for this delay. I’m trying to convince her that she didn’t “drop the ball”, as she insists on putting it. We were in this together from the get-go.

And besides… we didn’t drop the ball. It’s more like we just lobbed it back and forth until it went over the fence and got lost in the tall weeds.

Good news, though – we found it! As per the original “rules” of the contest, we have chosen our three favourite captions and we’re expecting our readers to do the actual work and vote for the winner of an AUTOGRAPHED copy of Natalie d’Arbeloff’s fabulous book of cartoons, “The God Interviews”.

Actually, truth be told, we couldn’t pare it down to fewer than four captions, so CG put them in a toy bathtub belonging to her daughter and had said daughter draw the top three. That’s right, the three best captions were pulled randomly out of the tub by a child, folks, so you know this is legit.

Here’s what we ended up with, along with the pic from the contest.

Caption Contest

“Of course I caught you, that’s the deal. You were expecting the Flying Wallendas?”

“Carpet deum.”

“You’re not Morgan Freeman!”

If you click here, you’ll find CG’s post with the voting poll. The poll will stay up until Tuesday, as Monday is a holiday in the U.S. and all the U.S.ers will be beaching or BBQing instead of surfing the net and voting for captions like they ought to be doing, and all the Canuckians will be stuck at work complaining that the Americans got a holiday and we didn’t.

Cuz that’s what we do in Canuckia.

After Tuesday, we will announce the winning caption and attempt to extract a shipping address from the lucky new owner of “The God Interviews”. Then… we will actually (gasp!) ship the book to the winner!

Honest. I swear we will do this.

This time.

* * *

P.S. Carolyn B., over at Drops of Blood wrote a fairy-tale meme and Where the Walls are Soft – Yes! This freaky-deaky blog of mine! – got included! How cool is that?!

Random Song for the Day: “Mr. Brightside” – The Killers

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4 Responses to Colour Me Embarrassed…

  1. cardiogirl says:

    Yeah, I remember *that*. It sounded like fun, at the time 🙂

    Les Says: Ahhh, but it will be fun again! When it’s over. 😀 Just think how happy someone’s going to be with Natalie’s book…

  2. Mushy says:

    So few, so far between.

    Les Says: It’s all this working for a living, Mushy. I have to get my new routine in place. Hopefully, I’ll smarten up soon.

  3. Dale says:

    If it helps at all, I just saw Morgan Freeman in a play in NYC 🙂 Peter Gallagher and Frances McDormand shared the stage with him in “The Country Girl”. I took advantage of the Canuckian long weekend we just had.

    Les Says: And you didn’t take ME?! Thanks a bunch, Dale. 🙁

    (Did Morgan have a flying carpet?)

  4. Dale says:

    I’m just rude and selfish that way sometimes. He had no carpet with him but if it helps, the play wasn’t incredibly great even with all that talent. Xanadu and Gypsy were better even. Next time, I’ll try to remember and invite you. 🙂

    Les Says: LOL! “Selfish” is understandable.. and actually a good thing, in my book. That said, I’m still pissed that I didn’t get to go. Pout…*

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