We Have Our Winner!

Caption Contest
“You’re not Morgan Freeman!”

The winning caption was written by Dale of Passion of the Dale, a fellow Canuckian, I might add. No, I didn’t “fix” it. I’m not that patriotic.

And those that didn’t win, not to mention those that didn’t enter the contest (shame on you!), can get a copy of Natalie d’Arbeloff’s “The God Interviews” by clicking Here.

Congratulations, Dale! I know you’ll love “The God Interviews”.

As will any cats you read it to.

Random song for the Day: “Opera Singer” – Cake

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7 Responses to We Have Our Winner!

  1. Elle says:

    Congratulations, Dale! I think he actually does look like Morgan Freeman a bit in the drawing, but I’m so old, I would have been looking for George Burns.

    Okay, fine. I’ll be in my room with the flying Wallendas, pouting. 🙂

    Les Says: Awww, Elle… you had a good run! I was almost certain it would be tied and then we’d have to come up with some spectacularly unique tie-breaker contest.

    Ummm…. could you send me a Wallenda…?

  2. Elle says:

    Take two, they’re small. Oh, and they fly, so they’re hard to keep up with. Two Wallendas, no waiting.

    Les Says: TWO?! This is a small place – where will I store them? Do they stack?

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  4. cardiogirl says:

    I, too, thought the Wallendas had it in the bag. But it was fun watching the polls! I think I might want a Wallenda, too — especially if they’re compact.

    Les Says: I’ll send you one of mine… turns out, they DON’T stack. 🙁

  5. Aimee says:

    Congrats to Dale…jealous!

    Les Says: Oh, Aimee – you should buy one for yourself. The price is low, and the book really IS the coolest thing…!

  6. OldGuy says:

    Oh darn, I didn’t come around and vote. Oh well, that was my favourite anyway.

    Les Says: Oh, see, OldGuy?! You won, too! Sort of. 😉

  7. Ak-Man says:

    I know it’s too late to enter… but I just popped in from another blog which inspired my late (and probably winning entry if I could time travel) entry.

    Check this out:

    “Does my bum look big in this?”

    Les Says: ROTFL!! You coulda been a contender, Ak-Man! Now, of course, it would be:

    “Does Morgan Freeman’s bum look big in this?” 🙂

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