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The Day the Earth Stood Still…

Tilapia - photo
“A Fish of a Different Flavour”

A couple of months back, I was invited to dinner by a friend: a 6’4 cook I worked with at The House of Fracas, my temporary placement, the first J.O.B. (and so far, only) in my brand new field, after I was out of school.

This invitation was a long time coming. He kept inviting me… but I would either decline, or he wouldn’t be able to come up with a date for the “date”.

In my case, I needed some guts; not to mention, a kid-free evening so as not to freak my daughter out.

For a long time, whenever “man” or “men” came into a conversation, she tended to go a little squirrelly with the idea of her mother um… meeting one/talking to one/associating with one/going out with one/being seen in public with one/dating one/falling in love with one/marrying one… in a nutshell, she didn’t want any man, be it friend/co-worker/date/pick a label, anywhere near either one of us. Grampa and her Uncle Trespasser were the only two male human beings she trusted. I suppose I could say the same for me.

In The Cook’s case, he needed an evening that he wasn’t working, when his room-mate was working, that included finances allowing for a nice meal for an extra stomach, that fell the day before a scheduled day off – presumably to allow for cleaning the kitchen long into the night and/or not waking up hung over and having to go cook three meals one-after-the-other for a bunch of other stomachs.

Finally, the last time the invitation was extended, we hammered down a hole in both schedules and labeled it Tilapia. As the date got closer, we both had an idea that something would screw it up, but miracle of miracles, that day, the earth stood still for once, and everything worked out in favour of fish and a good story.

Ky had a sleepover that she didn’t kak out on at the last minute… The Cook managed to get out of The House of Fracas in time to shop for Tilapia… the store didn’t run out of Tilapia before he got there… I didn’t get lost on the way to an unfamiliar place… so far so good.

Dinner was nice. I ate a type of fish I was not familiar with, that I very much enjoyed, declined the wine in favour of a Cuba Libre (always the better choice – fish or no), and sat back to conversate with a Someone that turned out to have more in common with me than I would have imagined.

He likes Archie Bunker, which amazed me, because he never struck me as the type that would. He’s a city-boy – an implant from Trinidad and Tobago, raised in Toronto – who loves music, but seems to listen to black artists exclusively, dances while cooking, and can’t seem to understand why people from Sault Ste. Marie do not act like people from Toronto. We argue often about why “we” do not change our behaviour to accommodate him.

He didn’t seem to me to be the average Archie Bunker fan. In truth, he seemed more like a black Archie Bunker.


We had some odd revelations come up during our long conversation, the TV muted until All in the Family was set to start… and eventually, the conversation got around to me writing, and why I wasn’t, much, and “What the hell is a freaking blog?!”

So, I told him about my life online, and my Blog-Family, and the stories about Ruby, and my dad, and blah, blah, blah, and the look on his face was priceless.

“What?!” sez I, thinking he was just astounded that people can have a second sort of life, completely digital, which in my case, is more important than my dirt-side life. I’ve seen that same expression on the faces of other people, after all…

Most of the people I meet face-to-face use the internet, but live in the “real” world (not including “gamers”, who have a whole ‘nother existence, but try telling “real” people that bloggers and gamers are two different species – I dare you – cuz they just don’t get the difference), and just can’t imagine how bloggers connect with one another.

He surprised me again, though.

“I have a story! If I tell it to you, are you gonna put it on the Internet?”

“Well, DUH! Yeah! I’ll change your name, though.”

“To what?”

“I shall call you ‘The Cook’,” sez I.

To which, The Cook took offense.

“I…”, he stated flatly, “Am a ‘Kitchen Manager’.”

Ummmm. Okay….

“I’m not calling you ‘The Kitchen Manager’,” I told him.

He countered with, “Well, you’re not calling me ‘The Cook’.”

In the end, we finally decided that he could come up with his own nom-de-blog once he’d told me his story…

Which he did do, but this post is already way too freaking long, and I’m out of time, and I’m trying to get back at a couple of Blog-Family members for their “To Be Continued…” habits (CardioGirl and Shrinky, specifically, the shet-bags), and this should piss them off nicely.

So I will post the story told to me, by The Newly-Named Cook… Kitchen Manager… ummm… soon. Ish.

And soon after that, I’ll have another Blanche-story up… followed by a Dad-story… followed by a Ruby-story… and I imagine a bunch of gibberish of my own interspersed between them all. That oughtta bring us all nicely into October.

Random Song-for-the-Day: “Seven Wonders” – Fleetwood Mac

5 replies on “The Day the Earth Stood Still…”

AUUUGGHHHHHH! And grrrr shetbag.

I do not use the “To Be Continued” card. Except that one time with the six-part story. But that was unusual.

I’ll be back…

Les Says: What?! You don’t think SIX PARTS counts?!

I should talk – considering the first “Ruby” story was a fictionalized version of something that happened to her… in five parts. Except I never finished the fifth part and have since removed the first four with the big idea I was going to send it off to a magazine. I think that was before you started visiting, though.

Maybe, I’ll put that back up.


heheheh I’ll wait, but I will remind you, because you do ahem take your time updating. (I’m one to talk, because I’ve let even comments go terribly this week…) And YES, put Ruby fiction up again, and this time finish!!

Les Says: I know, I know… it’s that procrastinatey coming back all the time. Guilty, as charged.

And I’ve decided that I will put up the Ruby fiction again. Honest, I will.

I will SO!

(I might even finish it – 😉 )

You cheeky sod, as IF I play the “to be continued” card (much).. um, er, (blush) hmph! Truth is, I just get bored halfway in and decide to run off, that’s all – teehee.

So, FINALLY, a bit of possible romantic interest here – woohoo!!!!!!!! Not before time, girl. Kids are such spoil-sports when it comes to the thought of their parents dating (hubby is just as bad, he won’t let me date anyone), next time send Ky round to me, I’ll smuggle her in to the odd shed party or two, she’ll be fine.

It’s great to see you back in creative mode again hon, sounds like you have a story or so fermenting on the back burners, I can’t wait to hear ’em. x

Les Says: I don’t know about romance… but I do like a free dinner and a story to go with it.

I haven’t lost the “fermenting” part at all, it just seems more and more difficult to get the finished product out of my head in recent months. I’m hoping to kick-start it, or HAVE rather – just don’t want to go back to not finding the words again, cuz that right sucks.

And if you’re planning any shed parties, never mind my kid; *I* want to go!

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