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Goddess for a Day

This Image Stolen Fair and Square from CardioGirl

I got tapped to be Guest Goddess Question-Answerer and Comment-Wrangler over at CardioGirl’s place for today.

EDIT: As CardioGirl has killed her damned blog (Betch), clicking the above link will take you to an internal page on this blog (unkilled). Yes. I stole her comments. They were too funny not to.

Shetbag has a new thang going on over there. I got to go first, which is cool, ‘cuz I really, really, really like to be first at all times.

The New Thang works thusly… CG makes her readers do all the work when she gets lazy. I guess I shouldn’t say that – I thought it was a really cool idea (and she even gave me credit for it, although I don’t really remember coming up with it), and I do like to be referred to as Royalty – mainly because of that “I was stolen from Royalty and later found in a ditch by my adoptive family” fantasy that many kids have.

In my case, it’s true, though. Un-Brother Ken will corroborate the “ditch” part of the story – the rest I had to figure out on my own.

Today, I get “Goddess”, which is even that much better than “Royalty”. Now, I can tell people I was stolen from… ummm… Heaven. Yeah.

ANYway… CG saved my butt – I have no post today, on account of I need a snake picture. Anybody wanna ante up on that? I’ll give you appropriate credit of course.

Snakes. Lots of ’em. In one shot. Please.

Random Song-for-the-Day: “Sweet City Woman” – The Stampeders

9 replies on “Goddess for a Day”

Now why did you have to put the image of tons o’ snakes in my head as the last thing I’m going to remember after reading this?

(shudders/shivers/convulses and attempts to pull her hair out to make the image go away)

I hope some of your peeps come over, I want to meet more fun folks!

Les Says: Sorry…. I’m DESPERATE for a snake photo. Had to be done.

And I think my “peeps”, if I ever had any, have all gone AWOL this summer. Even YOU disappeared for awhile, as I recall, Shetbag. Again… sorry. ๐Ÿ™

You did a great job of answering questions, and you were very patient to those who boorishly asked multiple questions.

IF CG should one day pick me, would you help me out? ๐Ÿ™‚

Les Says: Of course I’ll help you out! Assuming you send lunch and/or rum and/or brownies. Preferably “and”.

For the love of all good meeces and small fluffy critters, why snakes?

Les Says: Ummmm… Just…. because… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Mushy sent me some pics, but I’m still kind of holding out for one shot with MANY snakes…

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