Act Now.

“Not Quite Finished and the Light is Fading….
© Les Becker, 2011
Taken January 20th, 2011 with CanonPowershot SX110 IS

I started another wall panel in my attic cave… I began with the idea of a plain pink wall – pink representing “action” of sorts. I have a lot of stuff that I have to act on, and soon.

In the course of painting… well… I ran out of pink paint. Kyla had an epiphany, and began painting black curliques drifting into the pink. She took a break, and I picked up the brush. This is where I left off.

I plan on finishing up with gold edging and sparkly bits, because I like gold and sparkly bits. I’m a bit of a crow, I guess.

The “act on and soon” stuff is pending: a supplementary job – preferrably NOT of the retail variety, to make up for recent lost hours. I seem to have been suddenly and unceremoniously dropped to part time hours… the “suddenly” actually works in my favour… I don’t have time to worry about it. I have to do something about it, and do it FAST.

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5 Responses to Act Now.

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  2. Suzi says:

    Wow, Les. You should get a job as a painter of walls. That looks so great!

  3. Rob Gokee says:

    Beautiful job on the wall. How many bottles of rum did that wall take to paint?

    • Les Becker says:

      If there had been rum to drink, I’d not have had to stoop to painting a wall for my entertainment. I AM working on whiskey glass illustrations for The Waitress ebook, though…

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