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This Is Not a Mistake © Les Becker Taken April 7, 2011 with Nokia N97 Smartphone
This Is Not a Mistake
© Les Becker
Taken April 7, 2011 with Nokia N97 Smartphone

This is a “pulled” or “drop-stitch” scarf. It’s knit on 4 needles and then, when binding off, every second stich is just dropped off the needle. Yank on it really hard, and it “pulls” down into a nice fluffy scarf.

I made this at Ruby’s while were watching the Blue Jays play. Well… Ruby watches the Jays play – I knit things, and listen to her yell at the television.

It was Ruby who showed me how to make this scarf.

The other day Ruby got laughing over a friend of hers. Trudy lived across the street from Ruby for years, and they were great friends. Now, they generally just talk on the phone, as Trudy lives way on the other side of town.

Ruby: …and you know when Trudy gets on the phone, she talks for hours!

I know. Sometimes, when I try to call Ruby to see if she wants anything at the store before I come by of an evening, her line will be busy (Ruby holds no truck with the call-waiting feature).

If it’s still busy a half-hour later, I can pretty well rest assured that she’s on the phone with Trudy. I’ll go over to rescue her, and if it is Trudy on the phone, Ruby jumps up the second I ring the bell and open the door, saying “Oh, there’s Leslie (she always calls me “Leslie”; there’s no talking her out of it) and I haven’t got the coffee on!”.

I’m her “out”. I keep telling her she needs a kitchen table doorbell and she can just push the button any time she wants to and say, “Oh, there’s Leslie and I haven’t got the coffee on!” instead of waiting for me to come over.

Anyway… Ruby got laughing, because- well, I’ll let her tell it.

Trudy’s boy (he’s in his 60′s) bought her a cell phone, finally. She didn’t want one, because she never really goes anywhere anymore, but he thought she should carry it around with her, you know, in case there was an emergency, or something.

Well, Trudy finally agreed to it, even though she thinks it’s waste of money, but she agreed to it anyway, so he went and got her one and brought it to her – and she never used it until the other afternoon, when the weather was so nice, and she wanted to sit out in her backyard at the picnic table with her coffee, and chat with her neighbour on the phone.

Except her cordless phone battery was dead, so she decided to use the cell phone. God knows, not having a phone handy sure would constitute an emergency for Trudy!

So, anyway, she got the cell phone and called her neighbour… and talked for three and a half hours.

To someone 30 feet away!!!

And when her son got the phone bill in, he found out that call cost $50!!!

And, he just told Trudy that she could cover that one herself. She paid $50 to talk to her next-door neighbour for 3 1/2 hours! She coulda yelled over the fence!

Oh, and about that scarf…?

Ruby used to make these often, and would put a fringe on the ends of hers. I crocheted a ruffle on this one.

The Finished Product © Les Becker Taken May 13, 2011 with Nokia N97 Smartphone
The Finished Product
© Les Becker
Taken May 13, 2011 with Nokia N97 Smartphone

Random Song-for-the-Day: “Bohemian Rhapsody” – Queen

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