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Taken December 18, 2007 with Canon PowerShot A550

Okay, it’s just been so damned long since I’ve posted that it feels like a brand new blog. And what you see above is pretty much what everything that I’ve been up to to keep me from blogging boils down to (Holy ol’ shit, but that’s a lot of “to”s!). In other words: a whole lotta squat, so I don’t even have a good reason for it.

I’m almost finally through with some crap that up until last year, I was supposed to be dealing with on an annual basis. It got so depressing, that I quit “taking care of business” for nearly a decade, and then last year it all hit the fan and I had to deal with even more crap over it. Yes, I mean “medical” junk, and no, I’m neither “sick” nor in any danger of dying (barring unforeseen buses, as per usual), but I will say that I’m sick to death (har, har) of hearing the word “inconclusive”, which is why I quit going back year after year in the first place.

Last year, The Powers that Be threw me a few extra curve balls, and I wasn’t in much of an emotional state, to say the least, to be able to handle it well. At. All. I went into it this year not giving any kind of damn at all and I’m fairly overjoyed for a change to hear “inconclusive” to the usual crap only and consider the curve balls of 2007 to have been manifested from a bad state of being. I’m learning that “inconclusive” can be filtered through what serves as the logical portion of my brain (tiny though that might be) to the point that I can truthfully believe, with the gargantuan illogical portion of my brain, that the results actually came back as definite and inarguable “negatives” and in two more days I can forget about it completely. Until next year.

Now, enough of that bullshit.

On the J.O.B. front, I’ve had a little more progress since I quit trying to find a position in my so-called new “field”. Yes, folks, although not yet set in stone, it looks like I will be back in retail again. Everybody stick your fingers firmly in the back of your throats and say, “Gackh!”, ‘cuz that’s about what that amounts to.

At least, I won’t be selling electronics. And then refunding/exchanging them 24 hours later amidst the screaming and the crying. Thank God, because if I’d had to that again, I would also have to admit, for real this time, that the last two years of my life (almost to the day; how’s that for ironic?!) have been a complete and utter waste of my time and the Canuckian government’s money.

Ah, who am I kidding? Retail is retail – 24 months that I could have been a productive, if incredibly bitter and pissed-off, citizen paying my own way. All I had to do was re-apply to work for The Company instead of take the lay-off when Louie sold his store back to Them. Yes, “Them”. The thought turned my stomach. Still does, so I guess I should be grateful, huh?

And I am, I suppose… I had a nice holiday. I have a new education. Perhaps, I might even find a use for it, someday… 😉

Actually, it really was a good two years, that way. I just wish I’d done more with the time than make plans for what I was going to do, instead of writing as much as I possibly could. I got more done on that front, truthfully, when I was schlepping computers and batteries full time, which, when I think of it that way, makes it more believable to me that I’ll write more once I’m schlepping completely different goods. Hope springs eternal, and all that…


Those of you that give a damn, please tighten those crossed fingers that this position really comes through, would you…? Thanks. 🙂

Random Song for the Day: “Psycho” – Puddle of Mudd

So, Is India the New World Power, Now?!

So, Is India the New World Power, Now?!

Taj Mahal
Lost in Translation?

Okay, I’m having trouble following… I’m unemployed. The last thing I want is to have to go back to retail. Well, no, actually, the last thing I want is to have to go back to a call center – but retail is pretty freaking close behind…

I just went back to school for certification in some business courses, along with web development. These were hardly my first choices, but there were reasons at the time to take those options. Now, it looks like I might have to fight to keep the “WTF did I take this crap for again?” thoughts from overwhelming me. Again.

I’m running out of J.O.B.’s in my new “field” to apply for. My next option is to apply for any and all general office positions I can find. I thought I’d give the administration offices in our local steel industry a shot. And then somebody reminds me that our local steel industry has been bought out.

By a foreign company.

In India.

Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean I can’t get a job there… except there’s been talk of all the administrative positions now being outsourced to another company.

A foreign company.

Yes. It’s in India.

I’m not sure if I’ll need an interpreter when I call to see if they’re hiring or not….

I’ve been thinking seriously, too, about that idea of a Ruby “blook”. Every time I look into self-publication, though, something turns me off the idea. Maybe it’s that I’d feel more like a “real” author if I actually had a “real” agent trying to make their 15% cut by trying to sell my stuff to a “real” publisher… I have dreams of becoming the next Lucy Maud Montgomery and having my best-sellers translated into a bzillion languages… I wonder how Ruby would “read” in Punjabi or Sanskrit….

I also wonder if I should go back into the production business again… bring back the shorts and put ’em up on LesTV… It’s not that I’m short of ideas, or even young slaves to do much of the work for me for free (ask me about “The Magnificent Binky” sometime) – it’s that I’m so short of TIME. I could starve before anything starts bringing in any cash…

But, assuming I go back to them, if the video shorts do start taking off, I’m going to start syndicating them in other languages within seconds. I know just where to go for that, too.

There’s this company I found…

It’s in India.

Random Song for the Day: “Back in the U.S.S.R” – The Beatles

Hell Froze Over

Hell Froze Over

"First Snow"Taken November 8, 2007 with Canon PowerShot A550

“First Snow”
Taken November 8, 2007 with Canon PowerShot A550

The post that I had half-written to go with this picture is now stale and moldy, and the time has passed.

The snow didn’t stay, anyway. I won’t leave the house without boots, overcoat, toque, gloves and my over-the-head “hoodie-thing”, either, though, because that’s when we’ll get the first real blizzard. Just like, if I hang my laundry out to dry it will rain, dead certain. Not that I hang laundry out any more – West End. Steel Plant. ‘Nuff Said.

But Hell froze over, anyway. I stopped blogging. I mean, I had no interest whatsoever. No time. Can’t be bothered. Couldn’t care less. That has never happened before. Even when I ripped the original blog offline and swore I’d never type another post, I circled the option like a vulture until I caved and started over. Blogging has become my entire social existence and I love that existence. But…


I’m sleeping, though, finally. It only took one day mashed into a teeny-tiny student desk, mashed in with 29 other teeny-tiny student desks overflowing with 29 other mashed-in students to finally cause my body to just keel over on the couch and sit up over 12 hours later when my cell phone alarm went off, but I slept. And this time, I didn’t wake up with a rodent chewing on my lip.

I woke up, and went back for Day Two of the Mash-In.

Driver’s Ed.

Ugh. A necessary step to The Great Escape, because I let my driver’s license lapse out of fear of driving (crashing) and I want to not be afraid of it anymore. I had the impression that taking a course in driving properly might make me more confident. Ha. I’m learning stuff designed to scare new drivers into being “good” instead of “stupid”, but they’re managing to make me scared shitless again.

I have two more days of the in-class fear fest before I “get” to drive with the instructor. I could have been driving for the past five years, mind you, if I’d had the opportunity and access to a willing certified driver (ummmm…. read “guts” there in place of “opportunity” for a more realistic picture), and gotten the G over four years ago. I wish I’d done that now, but I’ll have to be satisfied shortly that I’ve done it at all (and a possible discount on insurance on the new truck for taking the course rather excites me, too).

All the sitting around is causing me to drop into Dreamland around 10 pm, though. I’m not lying there waiting to fall asleep. I’m not popping awake 8-10 times through the night. I’m not suffering “White Nights” with no sleep at all several times a week. I’m hoping the next three weeks of Weird will just turn the 10 pm thing into an automatic occurrance. After that, my schedule will return to a more normal (for me) pace, and I’ll be able to get back to Ruby (damn, I miss Ruby!), and visiting my Dad, who’s still in hospital, but coming along nicely now, and blogging my idiot thoughts as I think them. I miss this too, now that I’m typing all this, so hopefully I’ll manage to steal time from panic sessions of NaNoWriMoing somehow through the rest of the month.

Eeeep. Maybe.

Random Song for the Day: “Death of a Cheerleader” – Marcy Playground

And Away We Go!

And Away We Go!

"Fear of Heights"Taken October 13, 2007 with Canon PowerShot A550

“Fear of Heights”
Taken October 13, 2007 with Canon PowerShot A550

So, the J.O.B. officially starts tomorrow. That leaves me a little strapped for time as far as school clean-up goes (I know, I know… I should have been done by now; I’m a slacker), but really the only thing that bothers me, is that I won’t be seeing a paycheck for another three weeks. Thankfully, Ruby is a very understanding Landlady.

I’m being taken out for dinner tonight – to a real swanky place, I might add – followed by an evening at the Theatah, where I will witness my Brother the Trespasser make an ass of himself. People actually pay good money to see that happen. I expect it will be enjoyable – I can think of no better way to celebrate my re-emergence into prosperity (of sorts) in any case, than to point and laugh at him.

Random Song for the Day: “I’ll Be Your Domino” – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Clawing My Way Through…

Clawing My Way Through…

"Season's End"Taken October 8, 2007 with Canon PowerShot A550

“Season’s End”
Taken October 8, 2007 with Canon PowerShot A550

I am immersed against my will in the nasty, swirling pit of horror that is Macromedia Dreamweaver 8. If you value your sanity, do not follow me down. Don’t worry – I brought a rope and a lunch (and a note from my mom reminding me how much better I will feel when this is all over with.).

Random Song for the Day: “Kingston Town” – Harry Belefonte

Escape Attempt

Escape Attempt

"Escape Attempt"Taken October 9, 2007 with Canon PowerShot A550

“Escape Attempt”
Taken October 9, 2007 with Canon PowerShot A550

I took this yesterday, on my way back from my morning at the new J.O.B. This is a government contracted J.O.B., and the contract hasn’t yet been “officially” approved, so I haven’t “officially” started, but I went in to do orientation and help out a little in the office. I’m going to like it, I think, for as long as it lasts…

I’m worried, though. I didn’t go in this morning, although I had planned to, because I still have clean-up left to do with the very, very, final, last, finish-it-off finally course for school, and I’ve been putting it off. And I sat here all day, surfing, and didn’t even log-in to the assignments.

I haven’t worked on the very, very, final, last, finish-it-off finally “Ruby” story installment, either. It’s almost finished, but I just can’t seem to bring myself to get to it.

I’m also supposed to be re-vamping my resume (this J.O.B. is temporary – I am to continue looking for permanent employment in my “field”, such as it is). I haven’t even opened the file.

This is not helping me get to the next part of the best part – the shiny new life I’ve got planned for myself. I can’t quite seem to kick-start myself over the last few vestiges of the broken bits of the old one. As usual, I am my own worst enemy.

I kind of feel a little like I imagine the berry bush in this picture must feel; as if I’m almost through to someplace bigger and brighter, but my roots keep me stuck on the other side of the fence.

Not-So-Random Song for the Day: “We’ve Gotta Get Out of This Place” – The Animals