Nope. Definitely, Not Tired.

We went swimming today at the YMCA. Carson was groggy all day – every time we put him down, he fell asleep, only to wake up in a completely different location, in a completely different outfit, having slept through the in-between…

He woke up after this nap, wearing bathing trunks and staring at an indoor pool – I don’t think he’d ever seen one before, and he wasn’t sure he liked it.

Of course, he was all over that pool within 15 minutes – Uncle Dodo and Mom swam him all over the place. I, on the other hand, had chickened out of swimming, opting instead to photograph and video this landmark episode in my grandson’s life, only to be informed that I could not take photos inside the facilities, which should have occurred to me…

Ky and I went to visit Sue and Mikkaela afterward, and this is how Carson arrived.

All in all, it was a good day… we shall all sleep well tonight, I think.

Little Bits of Stupid Wasted Time...


Too brain-tired to do anything but click the pics…. click the pics…. click the pics…. (The original widget has gone where all widgets go to die – you’ll have to amuse yourself popping bubbles now, sorry… the fullscreen option is HERE.)

Random Song for the Day: “Cowgirl” – Underworld