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“Write Your Own Story”

New at Zazzle – “Write Your Own Story” inspirational spiral notebook
© Les Becker, 2018

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Les Becker Online has a New Redbubble® Outlet!!

Check out my Redbubble profile and see the coolest products featuring my photography: spiral notebooks, hardcover journals, mugs, shirts, skirts and throw pillows!

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“Creepy Tree” Postcard at Zazzle…

"Creepy Tree" Postcard - photo © Les Becker, 2012
"Creepy Tree" Postcard – photo © Les Becker, 2012
by lesbecker

New products are going up at the Zazzle store! Check them out (write your Gramma!)

"Pink Fantasy" Postcard - photo © Les Becker, 2008
"Pink Fantasy" Postcard – photo © Les Becker, 2008
by lesbecker
Little Bits of Stupid Wasted Time...

Be Jealous…

If you have not yet grown up, and love to watch big machines dig holes in city streets, be jealous… I get this view for the whole summer, probably fall and likely into winter.

Construction Season: entertainment for those of us with no cable television…

Artsy Fartsy Photography

The Walls Have Secrets…

Just the shadow of an English Ivy growing out of a prism on the living room wall…

Health & Wellness Kyla Becker Oma-Hood

Workout Partners!

Carson helps his mom with her workouts.


Queen of the Windowsill…

Between the construction across the street, the yelly people on the sidewalk, and the fact that the dog can’t fit on the windowsill, Luna has claimed her crown. She spends a LOT of time in the bay window.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen once I bring that patio table back down into the tarmac garden, but my original idea of building a window seat will only draw the dog to the window. The cat tolerates Kaylee about as well as Kaylee tolerates the cat.

This is the face of a cat that will pee in your shoes for the smallest “infraction”.

I’ll have to think of something to avoid any feline comeuppance.

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Craft Supplies Available Soon!

Craft supplies will be going on sale here soon! Pine and Spruce cones, feathers and natural wreath forms will be available to begin with… stay tuned!

Spruce Cones
Spruce Cones

Health & Wellness Kyla Becker

From Infinity Wellness: Maintaining Self-Care Through Grief…

Kyla wrote a really helpful article about why taking care of yourself during/after the loss of a loved one is so important. Read it HERE.