Old Man Winter was Late, and He Showed Up Pissed.

Black dog running after a first snowfall.
She’s so happy the snow’s here that she won’t let me close for fear I’ll put the leash back on.

Well, when we finally got snow, did we ever get dumped on! The dog is ecstatic, and I was relieved for a while, but when the temperature didn’t give me a break and warm up as I expected it to, well, now it just feels like I’ll never see grass again. Every year, the weather does this to me.

I’m going to take up snowshoeing again. All I need is snowshoes. Again.

Woman in parka and balaclava
I’m already sick of the snow…

Newly Finished Felt Elves!

Felt Elf ornaments on Christmas tree
Just hangin’ out, waiting for Santa to show…

These are so much fun to make, and they turn out really cute (they sell fast, too)! I’ll have a free pattern download available for these soon, at the subscribers’ download area. Stay tuned!

And Now for the Weather…

No Snow Yet.

It is freakishly cold out lately. If it would snow, it would at least feel warmer. I always feel too, as though the winter lasts a lot longer around here if it starts late. Ugh. There are few drawbacks to living Northish, but this is one of them.

Pics from a Happy Customer!

My very first snowflake customer this year posted some photos on social media of some of her ornaments on her Christmas tree. She has graciously allowed me to share them here, so you can see how lovely they look!

Thanks, Jody!

Lonely Without You

Night time building silhouettes with lighted windows behind trees with the moon shining through the branches
“Lonely Without You” – © Les Becker, 2020

My walk last night with the dog brought us to our favourite park and our favourite tree. I talk to this tree a lot. I mean, a lot. We’ve had entire conversations about what’s going on in my life, and last night, this tree just exuded melancholy.

I often wonder if trees get lonely, but I’m assured (yes, this tree told me) that trees reach out to each other with an extremely complicated root system as well as osmosis. It’s Continue reading “Lonely Without You”

101 Things in 1001 Days: Revisited

I came across this post…. Wowsa!

It’s definitely time to do this again, only this time, I’m going to dream a little bigger and forget a little less.  So, here goes…

DEADLINE:  Saturday, August 26, 2023

1)  Get this damned blog fixed. Again. Holy shit.

2)  Build my income so I don’t have to go back to yet another J.O.B.

3)  Record “What He Did”. Then Continue reading “101 Things in 1001 Days: Revisited”