It was a Morning…!

Boy sitting on his new big boy bed

Kyla ordered Carson a new bed, and it came in yesterday… all one thousand pounds (and one thousand pieces) of it. The Purolator guy was kind enough to offer to heft it into the apartment for me – I don’t think he realized he had to navigate the huge and awkward thousand-pound shipping carton up to the second floor, but by the time he figured that out it was too late. I’m grateful he managed it because I’m not certain I could have got it done.
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Today’s the Day!

I’m done with Facebook - it sucked so much time out of my day that there wasn’t any room left for anything else. I fought starting a Facebook account because I just didn’t want to believe that it was going to be so popular that all my blog friends would embrace the shiny new thing and abandon their online spaces to die.

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