The Blog is Haunted

Haunted House GIF with flickering lights

Weird stuff is broken. It’s not always broken, just sometimes.

Other, more important bloggy stuff is broken all the time and if I had any wits about me, I would be at the very end of them.

If you can see this I’ve managed to find a temporary work-around. More likely, though, I just got lucky.

Possible Writers’ Block Work-Around + Reboot-My-Life Hack AT THE SAME TIME?!

Dead avocado tree with root ball, turned into a "magic wand".

I’m going to wave my magic wand and declare that this next mini-project will guide my life. I may be crazy, yes, but I’m interesting.

Kylegoing my future!!

Am I rich? Meh – maybe? Depends on your definition of “rich”, but by mine, I’m already there.

Am I famous?! Gawd, I hope not. Share my ideas, sure, but let me get to and from the grocery store in anonymity and peace.

Am I HAPPY?! There’s the goal, amiright? There’s the whole point.

And I don’t know how much life I have left, but I don’t want it to just happen to me anymore. I want to be the instigator.

It’s Been a Minute…

skeleton crawling uphill on the sidewalk

…crawling to the writing desk to save my babies, like.
It’s been a looooong 3 years. Years full of drama and angst and writers’ block and more angst and “over-coming” and “crumbling”. And angst.

I’m slowly climbing out. I’m getting rid. I’m sweeping house. I’m blowing the dust off.

No promises (not to mention “no readers” anymore, I don’t think, but if you’re still here, for shit’s sake SAY something!), but I’m at the cusp of writing again.

Starting with the “newest” news… I’m going to meet my second grandbaby some time in December. This is what is keeping me climbing right now. It’s a flurry of baby clothes, and baby names (We will welcome either Hannah or Thomas home) and baby, baby, baby, in this house, and it’s hard to keep up.

Along with new baby news, I want to catch up on my last 3 years on this dust ball. Weird shit and goings-on, lemme tell ya. Weird shit. I’ll get right on that – stay tuned, if you’re tuned.

A New Table to Sit At…


I have kind of/sort of duplicated Ruby’s kitchen table, complete with space heater underneath, in my own small way.

Ruby’s table was a safe space for me, and I miss it dreadfully. My table is much smaller, but I can feel her here in spirit, so I think it was a good idea, even if it did end up in a strange spot.

Emily Sarah – please note the crib board – we need to test out the card-playing vibe soon!