The Bike-About! (And the “Get-Off-the-Bike-and-Walk-About”…)

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Yesterday, I had a perfect day. First off, we got some fun video of Ky getting her ears pierced (see entry below). There weren’t near enough tears to suit me, but since it was her day with her sister, I guess that was fair enough.

After Ky left for weddings, and dinners and photos (Oh My!), Asshole and I positively flew to the Station Mall for booze and cigarettes. Oh, please, I jest! It was far too hot and muggy to fly.

I was very excited because today was the day I was going to MJ’s to get my new hat. A couple of weeks ago, I decided that I was going to begin collecting hats, against the day when hats for women became au reguer (sp?) again. I look incredibly ridiculous in hats, but I adore them. So I’ve decided I deserve a hat “collection”, and I was on my way to my first one!

We walked the way of the Tourist Information booth…They have nice hedges here, with the yellow blossoms in them.

On the way to my haberdasher’s, we were waylaid by a yard sale in the parking lot of Second Hand World. I kid you not, these people were dragging customers off the sidewalk and throwing deals at them.

I had 3 toonies, and thirty-seven cents in my pocket and five of that had to be saved for my new hat. I saw a row of boxes and boxes of paperbacks for young readers on five for a dollar and went to town. A guy with a really heavy-looking apron on came along, picked up a box and upended it, scribbled “$4″ on it, and started waving the box in my face and shouting at me in a really friendly but loud voice. I think he might have been a retired auctioneer.

“Fill ‘er up! All you kin fit right in here! Fill ‘er up! Four bucks! Hey!”

Ummm…. I’ve only got…. ummm… six dollars and thirty-seven cents, and ummm…

“Three bucks! Hey!”

Ummm…. no…

The man stomped off with his box to yell happily at somebody else. I was picking through the stuff the guy had tipped out of his Four-Dollar Box, when I found treasure (treasure = five perfect book-reportable books for my kid this school year)! I hopped through the throng to regal Asshole with my trove to see him jumping up and down hugging what looked like a mint-condition factory packed something-or-other circa 1969 or so. And so it was. It was a shoebox recorder so Asshole can wander town emulating Hunter Thompson. Ol’ Apron Pockets had sold it to him for a dollar, the bastard.

But, then!
My hat!

After we had come home, cooled off, and felt smug for a while, we hopped on the bikes and wound our way to Fort Creek.

Once there, we locked the bikes and proceeded to hike the trails, as my uber-cool, super-groovy Raleigh is no match for mountain bike trails. Besides, it’s too pretty to get it dirty. And I’m old.

Apparently, I was standing in the Fort Creek Living Room when I got these shots of the famous Fort Creek Couch.

At some horrible point during the day, I had stripped off my white men’s shirt that I put on to keep the sun from cooking me. I was crawling up a huge mountain pass at the time and didn’t think I could make it to the peak with the weight of the dripping thing hanging off my shoulders.

And then we started going downhill. That was positively, downright dangerous. Asshole got video of me trying not to kill myself coming down what looks like a really gradual slope, but in reality, is a killer angle covered in loose gravel.

I learned to ski.

I also learned Asshole is mean at times – telling me he could see right through my shirt when I was half-way down the hill….

Watch this video to see how mean he was to me…

The flowers (and the bugs on the flowers) made up for it all, though…

So, I’m tired. We barely made it home. Well, I barely made it home. We both fell into a sleep so deep, that we didn’t hear the phone when Kyla called (twice) to make sure she could get in. Luckily, she came home and rang the bell (twice) anyway….

All in all, yes. A perfect day.

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1. Erin Says:
July 11th, 2005 at 1:54 am
hey thanks for voting for my blog on battle of the blogs. I’ll be sure to vote for yours when I see it on there.

2. Les Says:
July 11th, 2005 at 2:01 am
Hey, no problem, Erin! I’ve blogmarked you, as well; I really like the site. Watch for me sometime soon; I’m getting up the nerve to try…!

3. arjun Says:
July 11th, 2005 at 6:29 am
Wow! Really interesting blog!

4. Les Says:
July 11th, 2005 at 7:59 am
I thank you. Please visit again, Arjun – I can use all the traffic I can get!

5. Mama Mouse Says:
July 17th, 2005 at 2:14 pm
Hi Les … Thank you SOOO much for your kind words over on my blog! I love sharing my thoughts and observations and experiences … and this trip to England was a HUGE deal for me. Glad you enjoyed it … there will be more.
I’m also very glad you found me … it gave me a chance to come back to YOUR blog and have a wonderful time reading about your day! It sounds like so much FUN. I love the hat too … and I think you look wonderful in it! I feel the same way about hats and me as you … gues I inherited THAT from my grandmother who adored hats.
Am lookin forward to reading more here at your blog … am adding you to my homemade blogroll.

6. Les Says:
July 18th, 2005 at 5:16 pm
Thanks, Mama Mouse. For those of you who haven’t read her yet, Mama Mouse is a great writer, and her blog is sure to lift your spirits if you’re down. Check her out!

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