The “Les Wants” Google Search


Here we go again… Remember the “Les Needs” Google Search? Well, someone found my blog by searching for that phrase again, and I decided to find out what I want, this time. Here are the top 25 search results that could be chopped and still make sense… well, nonsense. Whatever.

This is what I want:

1. Les wants more
2. Les wants a pig as a pet
3. LES wants the NRC to rule on
4. LES wants to help you save even more
5. Les wants to go to Houston to be a sports announcer
6. Les wants you to marry h(er)
7. LES wants to build a uranium enrichment plant along the New Mexico-Texas border
8. LES wants to clearly understand your background and work history
9. LES wants to permanently close the only road
10. LES wants a short and predictable licensing process
11. Les wants to do more
12. LES wants DoE to accept tails
13. Les wants to play games with you
14. Les wants to be more
15. Les wants to be a mentor
16. Les wants to make a salad
17. les wants it
18. Les wants to stop living the life (of) a lonely widower
19. LES wants to produce nuclear fuel
20. LES wants to build a $1.2 billion factory
21. Les wants to protect the Feudal lords
22. Les wants a cut of h(er) family wealth
23. Les wants to test the effects of excess carbon dioxide
24. Les wants a voucher
25. Les wants to swap h(er) cheesy image

Like I don’t have enough to do, already!