The Blogelation and Kenny vs Spenny

Kenny, of Kenny vs Spenny, himself is visiting our fair city this very day to take on one of our local boys in an arm wrestling match, for no good reason other than that this sweet little 14-year-old kid shares the same name as Kenny’s best bud/arch enemy, Spencer Rice, AKA “Spenny”.

Soo Spenny is a Fan! Well, he is now.

I headed on down to the Pavilion and see if I couldn’t get myself into some trouble.


Or maybe on TV…
Can I be your Roadie, Guys?

Media Alert!

I thought I’d let Dave Helwig at Sootoday know that Tyler Simpson was most definitely on the job today. I swear that guy has cloned himself. He is everywhere!

Our Mayor John
, felt that Kenny would bolt as soon as he saw Soo Spenny, so he wisely brought along Constable Brown and asked him to “keep an eye” on the fellow. Constable Brown did his job well. Kenny was near tears.

Kenny Gets Cuffed

That task accomplished, Mayor John, got on to more important matters.

The Honourable John Roswell

Things began to get a little uncomfortable, as it seemed for a while, that Soo Spenny was gonna be a no-show. Kenny got a little cocky and offered to arm-wrestle this tough customer in Spenny’s place.

She seemed up for it, too…

But, Mayor John put his foot down, as he didn’t want Kenny to sue the city over his injuries later.

Soo Spenny turned out just to be fashionably late, and when he arrived in his white stretch limo, the crowd absolutely mobbed him, they were so excited.

And the crowd goes wild…

Luckily, Mayor John was able to calm the wild folk down, as, by this point, Constable Brown became a little star struck…

The Sault’s Finest is in Our Back Pockets, Blogelators!

Kenny was looking more scared by the minute, but Our Soo Spenny was cool as… well, he was just cool.

No Fear Here

The Stare Don’t Scare Spenny, Kenny

Spenny beat Kenny so easily in the first match, that Kenny whined and cried until Mayor John relented, and ordered the baby to be unshackled. Spenny said, “S’cool…”


The Final Face-Off

I won’t go into all the gross things the little cheater did to try and win – I’ll leave that for when the show airs on October 16th. Don’t miss it – I’m sure you’ll be able to hear me calling Kenny all kinds of nasty names at the top of my lungs.

Okay. I forgive you.


FULL EPISODE (with ALL the cheating…)

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11 Replies to “The Blogelation and Kenny vs Spenny”

  1. Gotta love all the sign holding pics. Seems like a new marketing campaign, then again we’d need a marketing campaign to have a new one I guess… hmmm… if only I worked on the damn site sooner 😉

  2. Don’t tell me that… get out there and start marketeering making the other marketeeers proud. The new banners are up and running and we’ll have handouts again as well.

  3. Handouts?! I didn’t know there were handouts the FIRST time! How come I don’t have handouts to hand out?! A marketeer needs tools, you know…

  4. There were mini flyers, RadZone Tent had them and gave them out with sales and other such things. We had 500 that went zoom zoom quick. Jeannette just whipped something up quick this time and Craig is working on the printing part. Find Craig tomorrow and you\’ll get some.

  5. Okay, that’s it. I was raised with the notion that I live in the finest nation in the world. Land of the free, home of the brave and all that. For the past several years I’ve started doubting it, for obvious reasons, but your post today seals it. Kenny vs. Spenny makes Canada the best place in the world. I shall move to Canada so I can see it.

  6. Hey, it is not (entirely) my fault that I was ”away” so long – all the tubes in the Internets were plugged up with spam and I could not get through…

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