The BuskerFest Blogelation – Update

Well, it’s all over except for the rendering… LOL! I’ve had an incredibly wonderful weekend, and the only disappointment has been that it’s all over. . . Except for the hard part. I have gotten behind (what else is new?), but this time, at least, it’s not entirely my fault. I can blame it all on my dentist. ‘Nuff said, about that for the time being.

I’m currently working on ’shopping the pics and trying to find workable low-light-level video from the BuskerFest Cabaret (which was an unreal experience, let me tell you), and then it will be on to the Day 3 pics. If you believe at all in a Supreme Being, please pray for me. If you don’t have that kind faith, at least have a beer for me. If I start drinking now, I’ll just fall asleep, and that would be a pitiful waste of booze.

Meantime, I’ve thrown together a quick little vid of HBPTVNews-on-the-Fly “Plugs” that I begged from all the buskers (except Ivan, who had to blow town early for another gig – and I’m really sorry I didn’t catch him before he hightailed it). They were very generous with their time and I hope you’ll check it out.

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