On Having Too Much Time on One’s Hands…


Okay, so I’m all for neat tricks and all, but really…. Why?!

Note: This video has been replaced, since the original link is now broken. Times mentioned in the comments now make no sense. Sorry…

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4 Replies to “On Having Too Much Time on One’s Hands…”

  1. I guess this person doesn’t have a very exciting life, but has dreams of being a filmmaker!

    Les, thanks so much for your kind words this morning. Even though we’ve never met in person, I feel like you are a good friend. xo

  2. Last Girl – Based on even a short clip, I think this girl has all the talent needed to be a filmmaker… but MY GAWD!! Who the hell has the time OR inclination to spend 2 minutes and 47 seconds folding a freaking sheet?!

    And, BTW, you are part of my “Blog-Family”; that’s What I’m For.

    Suzi – Well, since you are so fluent in Freud, Suz (Sooz? LOL!), I might just as well admit that I’ve watched this clip seven times, now… shaking my head the whole time over how this woman fritters away her life… what’s that say about me?

  3. that woman was so anal retentive, I want to slap her. all my fitted sheets are in a ball in a drawer…so what? i have better things to do with 2 and a half minutes…like read blogs and stuff….

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