Day Two C’est Fini…


I’m not enrolled in French, so I don’t care if that title is correct or not… but I got through Day Two in better fashion than yesterday. Once I left the school yesterday, the assistant to the Director called me at home to tell me everything got set up, so I logged in from my laptop to see how off I was on the web pages I was supposed to build for Lessons 1 and 2. And they were way off.

Lesson 1 called for me to build an online menu for an Italian restaurant. Lesson 1 doesn’t teach enough HTML to make a decent online restaurant menu if you just use what was taught in the lesson, so I cheated and made it with tables, which aren’t taught until Lesson 2, but I mean, Gawd! I can’t turn in crap, can I? I will let you all know if my teacher wanted crap once he marks it….

Lesson 2 is also complete and sent in. I had to “revamp” a clothing store’s entry page to one of its departments. I chose Mens’ clothing, because I live with a Serious Clothes-Horse and know more about mens’ clothing than women’s clothing. Hell, I wear more mens’ clothing than women’s clothing!

The Clothes-Horse made me shut School off before I could finish Lesson 3, which is FOUR different pages within the same Imaginary Travel Agency’s site. This is the final lesson before whatever freaky-deaky exam they have for such a short course (I really don’t consider this little blip in my week to be a whole course.), so I had been aiming at finishing and uploading the files tonight, and do the exam tomorrow, but then I was reminded that there are no more courses for me until the orders go through for them, so this way, I’ll have something to do tomorrow.

I checked the course deadline out today – they expect me to finish this by January. Ahem.

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