Snow Day!

Snow Day

Schools aren’t closed, but the buses are cancelled, which leaves me at home with a very happy child. It looks as if the recycling truck has been cancelled as well, although that remains to be seen.

You notice those holes in the snowbank, though? That’s where the City Guys actually dug around and pulled out the trash bags that the plow buried. Talk about deserving an “Above & Beyond” award!

So, I’m having a Snow Day, today, too. I get to sit at home (where it’s warm) and work on the Web Design Assignment from Hell. This one is SO crap that I took a break and did the next assignment and even have it back (95%!), and still haven’t got the crap one ready for marking. Yet.

I have, however, discovered an innate talent for cartooning. This is a sample from one of the page mock-ups from said Web Design Assignment from Hell:

Lalleys Sample

So, that’s going to be my day. Well, that or continue to sit with a lapful of large, warm cat. It’s winter in Canuckia, after all…

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Great cartoons Les, you’ve indeed made a discovery there.

So when you become rich and famous will you still remember us little people ?

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