Not just this space, although I suppose it never looks like I’m doing much here, when I pull it all down again minutes later….

I’m working with CSS in school lately, rebuilding “old” html code. The worst part has been having to take html pages that have been written using caps – you know:


<TITLE>Your web page title here</TITLE>





…and lowering the case.

Of course, the “soon-to-be” standard is working out badly for those of us who are used to coding in caps, of which I am one, having always done so because it’s easier to navigate when I’m troubleshooting. I’ve been trying to write in lowercase but it’s hard to get out of that habit.

So this latest assignment has me reworking an old “HTML” page and rewriting it using CSS. The only really buggery part to all that has been the stupid caps.

Notepad doesn’t have a blanket “lower the case” function that I can find… Word adds nasty bits in that can (sometimes) be removed later with Dreamweaver… sort of.

So I Googled (gasp! No way!) and I found a new text editor and I’m very impressed with it. There’s a ton of features that I won’t even begin to get into here, because the best for me is that I can change case in seconds, no matter how big the file is, so it really doesn’t matter any more if I slip up and start coding in caps at all. Makes some things a lot less frustrating now.

It’s called EditPad Pro and if anybody wants to give it a go, you can get it here. There’s an eval download if you just want to try it, too, at the bottom of the page.

I’ll post the link in the sidebar under “Tools” as well.

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