And the Band Played On…

I think I finally have most of the music back – holy shit, but it took forever (sorry, Mom; I said “shit” on my blog – shit, shit, shit, shit, shit. Yeah, I’ll probably take that down first complaint I get, now that I’ve gone gutless…)!

I can’t say for sure that I’ve got all the stuff I want, since I never knew song titles or band names of anything that was on the playlist for the last few years unless I specifically asked, which, of course, I didn’t generally think to do, but live365 came through for me with a bunch of it, not to mention introducing me to a whole bunch of new artists, such as The Decemberists who are a new recent fave for me.

Gotta love the internet – the best and worst of everything left. I don’t shut the computers off at all anymore.

Random Song for the Day: “16 Military Wives” – The Decemberists

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2 Replies to “And the Band Played On…”

  1. I just heard the Decemberists, courtesy of my teenagers. If not for them, I would be missing a lot of great music… and some bad, bad music too.

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