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Meet the New Driver…

“He’s a foreigner.”

Samoan Jim
I think he’s probably Samoan.
…not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

We went to record the sound for a commercial – a 45-minute job. I think I got home two and a half hours later.

First things first…. we got lost. Well, we weren’t exactly lost lost – we knew where we were. But the client’s store was sure lost! Funny part is (ha. ha.) that Louie and I were the ones that did the original shoot. Of course, that was weeks ago. And they could have moved the store. Or I can blame it on The Samoan being a foreigner. Well, what would you do?!

Next… I dropped Hilary Federwhore in a puddle in the parking lot. Everybody say, “GASP! NOOOOOOOOO!” Yup, I did. She lived, though.

(“Hilary Federwhore” was named by BeckEye, by the way. I’ll probably call her “Whore” for short. The camera, not Beck. Weeeel…. no. No, I won’t do that.)

Then…. I unpacked the laptop, the mic stand, the keyboard and mouse (The laptop’s “t” doesn’t work. And all the paraphernelia spread out looks really, really pro. It does.), and then realized I had left the mic at home. I blamed that on The Samoan, as well, but it didn’t really fly, because he speaks english and was able to defend himself. Foreigners. Figures.

But the recording itself went really well. I am a great director, after all, and The Samoan is a pretty darned good client coach. The client/voice-over artist was a natural, actually – and did a great job with minimal advice and no line-by coaching. And he wrote the script as he went along – I was impressed.

Now I have to edit this stuff. Tomorrow. Yeah.

Random Song for the Day: “One” – Cowboy Junkies

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I like his shirt. Where can I get one ?

Les says: I will find out for you. Probably Thailand, but I’ll bet I can save you some shipping. Give me a day or so.

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