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Metaphorically Speaking….

Something came along/happened/was said that slammed me back about six years. I’m kind of in a box now, and I haven’t slept very much since.

I have things that need to be figured out and I haven’t got a clue how to go about it. I know this will somehow “work itself out”, as my mom is wont to say, but that only makes me feel like I’m not the one in control of my own damned life (what else is new?), and since I have discovered that there really is no such thing as God, it’s that much more depressing to realize that if I’m not in control, it’s all just up to chance, after all.

What a waste of years, in other words.

Not-So-Random Song for the Day: “All Those Yesterdays” – Pearl Jam

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There is no such thing as a waste of years. Years hold lessons and experiences, and those are valuable things. Hang in there, Les.

Les Says: “Hanging in there” is not the issue. “Where to go from here” is the concern I have, unfortunately. The lessons learned are the same ones I learned in 2001 – hence, the “wasted” feeling, I guess.

How did you discover it? Where did you discover it?

Sounds like you can prove it beyond a doubt. I believe and I can’t prove it beyond a doubt.

Les Says:
I should have known better than to make that statement in a public forum. Too late now, I guess – but I’m not out to prove anything or qualify my beliefs or non-beliefs as the case may be, here, or anywhere else. I said it because I no longer derive comfort from where I once did. I’m glad you have your faith, Mushy. I would give a lot to get mine back.

I’m with Suzi, there’s no such thing as wasted years. There are crappy years, unhappy years, and years when you wish you could crawl under a rock and go to sleep until everything blows over but wasted years, never.

Keep the faith, even if it’s only faith that once in a while life can be funny.

Take care Les.

Les Says: Thanks, OldGuy. Doing my best.

Since I don’t know the whole situation, I will give you hippie/granola crunching response. Visualize what you want; each day spend some time , with your eyes closed, and picture yourself where you want to be, doing what you want to do and knowing what you want to know.

When things happen and seem to be a repeat of old bad stuff, it may be that there is a lesson we have yet to learn. It sucks but that seems to be the deal.

Les Says: I really hope the lesson isn’t that I’m destined to work in a call center… I need a new dream.

Lighten up girl – sure, life is shit at times, we’ve all got to deal with it. I deal with it by drinking a bucket of wine, chain-smoking, and doing the lotto. Way I figure, the wine and fag’s’ll cut the lifespan, hence shorten the misery some, and in the short term make me get a false perspective on what’s crappy (mabe even amnesia). The hangover in the morning’ll take the edge off of what’s paining me, and who knows, I might also wake to find I’m a multi-millionaire, so who gives a toss? Works for me..

Les Says: LOL! Ummmm…. yeah. I’ll keep your advice in mind; although I discovered it to be rough living out of the bottom of a rum bottle in the past, and I’ve been fighting the urge to go back to smoking with every breath (har, har). Gambling, I haven’t tried yet. Hmmmmm….

Les, Les, Les, when are you going to learn ?

I work in a call centre. He he. ­čÖé

Les Says: LOL! Hey, no offense OldGuy! I did an 8-month stint in one, myself. Which is why I can’t ever go back to that again. I would kill people. Literally. No joke. Can’t do it. I admire you for your strength of character and your ability to remain non-violent. I think you are crazy.

Right girl, enough of this – shift that arse, and get those fingers typing – it’s time to up-date this post of yours! (I’m coming back to check, so be warned..)

I’m a scarey bitch, so don’t mess now, ‘ya hear? A new POSITIVE post is called for, make us all feel better.

Les Says: Yes’m. Coming up. Soon. Honest. I think. Please don’t hurt me; I’ll be good. I mean POSITIVE! POSITIVE!

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