Possible Great and Amazing Disappearing Act Underway…

I’m having serious “time” issues. I’m finding myself squeezed in between The Day Job (AKA “school”), which is a full-time occupation, from which I actually fear being “fired” since I can’t seem to move forward through my courses, and The Dream Job, which has become more of a Nightmare Job, since I’m so behind in things there that I keep waiting to be “fired” from it as well… and we haven’t even launched yet. This has turned into a full-time occupation now, too, and that wasn’t supposed to happen until summer or fall.

I have done some quick catch-up at school in the last week and I’m down to 14 courses to finish. The scary part is that I’ve only got 16 weeks to complete it all before funding stops, and I don’t know with any certainty what happens if I don’t finish before the deadline. Something bad, I’m sure, as I signed a contract with the Federal Government, which was passed over (down?) to the Province in January, and I only manage to get very vague, and sometimes completely contradictory, answers to any questions I ask about it.

Some severe software and hardware issues have been solved in the Dream Job department, so things should start to move along more quickly. I hope.

But…. I also have a few “wetware” issues that have finally started to get worked out: namely, not knowing what to do about a real “me” kind of future. I’ve always been a “Big Dreams/No Ambition” kind of gal. In the real world that translates into “Procrastinator”. I have been known to spend weeks researching how not to procrastinate, rather than just get off my ass and actually do anything.

And now I finally have some ideas filtering in for stories (one absolutely hilarious one from my landlady about her younger days), that I’m just itching to write out… and I don’t have time. And I’m spending too much of what time I do have pissing around on the internet blogging and reading blogs when I should be studying, or working, or hell, if I’m going to procrastinate, I should at least be writing for real. And then there’s my site redesign, which is very creepily appropriate to “Where the Walls are Soft”, if I just had time to “php” it, and learning how to use Hilary Federwhore properly, and Walk-Abouts, and I could go on and on and on….

But, I can’t get the stuff I’m supposed to be doing done, let alone the stuff I’d like to be doing.

So, I’m going to try to cut the blogging/blog-reading out, or at least cut it down, temporarily. I doubt I’ll actually be able to do that. I have to be at the computer for everything, and the Net beckons every time I even look at a computer, let alone sit down at one. Blasted invention.

I’m hoping that the next blog post I write will be my “Landlady Story”. I don’t know when that will be (if I fail in resolve, it’ll probably be tomorrow), but rest assured that the longer I’m quiet here, the more I’m getting done in Real Life.

Random Song for the Day: “Come As You Are” – Nirvana