Not My Idea of a Spectacular Return – It’s All Suzi’s Fault…

“I’ll Be In Here If You Need Me”
Taken August 1, 2006 with Sony DSC-S40

I had expected to come back here with a finished “Landlady Story”. Nope. Not finished.

Then, I figured, I’d post the new cartoon I’m working on. Nope. Not finished.

So, I thought, well, it’ll probably be Ky’s Spring Concert video. Sorry. Not rendered.

Then, on my way back from a grocery run this afternoon, I came across two birds doing… well…. let’s say I got it all on tape, and boy, are THEY gonna be embarassed! But, again, something else came to the fore… Suzi, damn her, tagged me with a meme!

But, it seemed faster to do the meme than any of the other things, so, here goes.

The rules:

1. Add a direct link to your post below the name of the person who tagged you. Include the state/province and country you’re in.

Nicole (Sydney, Australia)
Velverse (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
LB (San Giovanni in Marignano, Italy)
Selba (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Olivia (London, England)
ML (Utah, USA)
J (California, USA)
CuriosityKiller (Hong Kong, SAR)
Shelli (Minnesota, USA)
Suzi (Minnesota, USA)
Where the Walls are Soft (Les Becker, Ontario, CANADA)

Okay, done.

2. List your top 5 favorite places to eat at your location (locally).

1) The Sun Kwong Restaurant – I worked here… twice. The people that run it are really a lot of fun to work for, and the eggrolls are to die for. It used to drive me nuts when I had to work on the days they’d make them. The whole family would be in back putting them together and it took all day – I had to smell them cooking for the entire shift. I have to have them every time I go there – it’s definitely my all-time favourite restaurant – best chinese food in town. I think I may have to take the kid there this weekend, now that I’ve written this.

2) Gran Festa Ristorante – They made me the best broccoli-stuffed chicken I’ve ever eaten. I think it’s probably the most expensive meal I’ve ever eaten, too. Worth it ‘though. So worth it.

3) That Italian Place Whose Name I Can Never Remember in the Food Court at the Station Mall – but they have the only pizza I can eat anymore, so they make the list. Ricardo’s That’s it!

4) Joey Calzones – for their calamari… I’d eat there more often if I wasn’t invisible when I go in. Depressing enough to not bother most of the time.

5) Red Lobster – which doesn’t even exist here anymore, and hasn’t for years. If they ever open up another one, I will go back to waitressing, just to be near the lobster. Yup.

Somehow, I thought that would be harder than it was.

And Rule # 3:

Tag 5 people.

Yeah, right. Suzi stole two of them from me. Let’s see….

The PopEye, Rhea, Carol, Deni, and Dink.

Apologies all around if you don’t “do” memes, but like I said, It’s all Suzi’s fault!

As far as my schedule, I’ll probably be popping out again for a bit, unless one of those “I wishes” at the top of the post gets finished. I’m catching up at school, though. I’m down to 11 courses now, and somewhere I think I miscounted the weeks left, because now when I count them, I still have 16 weeks left before my deadline. Perhaps I found that Time-Machine, after all and made an adjustment and forgot? Hmmmmm….

Random Song-for-the-Day: “Code of Silence” – Billy Joel