Taken May 13, 2007 with Canon PowerShot A550

… a little to the left, I think.

Big SNAFU at school. I’m left with a course “half-administrated”, if that makes any sense. I have the book for the next online course, but the course hasn’t been “turned on” online, so I can’t download the work files and do any actual work. It’s one of two Flash courses, too, so I was really looking forward to some fun (mind you, they’re using Flash MX 2004, which means I’m stuck on the laptop…. slooooooooooow. Argh.). But I’m down to ***TEN*** courses left. Hooray!

So, I’m free from school for the weekend. Did I say “free”? HA! Here’s where the listing comes in…

For The Dream Job:

Commercial #1
Commercial #2
Commercial #3
Co>mmercial #4
Business Plan (Talked myself out of any “me” time for the next 4 weeks with this one – at least 4 weeks.)
Financial Forecast (Add another 2-4 weeks, maybe?)
Partnership Agreement Outline (Ditto no “me” time)
Marketing Strategy Outline (Ditto, Ditto.)

For The Blog:

The Landlady Story
Ky’s Spring Concert Video – HA! I done did something! See Quacks Like the Cat, She Does… , in the post above.
Birds Doing “The Nasty” Video
New Cartoon
Mother’s Day Family Tea 2007 Video

For Kyla:

Help with Resume to attract a Summer Volunteer Position at Pathways Retirement Home

For Me:

Big Secret Dream
Reformat of Defunct Sitcom into Something Close to a “Sellable” Format

I think I’m in trouble. It’s not like any of it’s deadlined for Monday, or anything, but, Geez!

Ah, well. At least I’ve got my List. More and more to the left, all the time.

Random Song-for-the-Day: “Police on my Back” – Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros

3 Replies to “Listing….”

  1. Blimey girl – bit of a grind there, huh? Slap on some music, grab a beer, and prioritise one at a time. Keep your head down, and you’ll do it – promise.

    May I suggesst you add one more to the list? 1 hour (come one, sure you can find just one) each day for me-time. Without a top-up, engines run dry. xx

    Les Says: Yeah, that might just be where the beer comes in – LOL!

  2. Les, I can’t open any of my e-mails!!!! I feel like slitting my wrists – it opens the page, shows me who’s in there, and won’t tell me what they’ve said. I can still access my site, and comments (thank God).

    So I know you’ve written to me, but I haven’t a clue what..aarrgghhhh!!!

    I’m working on it – watch this space.

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