Quacks Like the Cat, She Does…

Sheikh Loungin'
He Quacks…
Taken April 10, 2005 with Polaroid PDC3070

Kyla’s Spring Concert for Thomas Walls School of Music took place on Sunday, May 6th. We woke up having forgotten all about it, believe it or not, and once I remembered, and hustled Ky into a practice, we discovered she couldn’t sing. Seriously. Panic ensued. It’s all explained in the video intro, and she did manage to sing, but I thought I’d give a reason for her “frogginess”. And then there was the Quack, also explained in the video.

The concert was MC’d, as usual, by James Warner-Smith, a talented, radio dee-jayish sort of fella from here in the Sault. Mentioned my blog, he did. He also “called the cut” at the end of the video, and I was dumb enough to do what I was told and turn the camera off… and miss him finding a dryer sheet up his sleeve and pulling it out like a magician. Sucked.


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  1. Bravo! OH my goodness. That was sooooo beautiful! I loved the introductory commentary, too. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing much more of that kid!

    Les Says: I thought it was pretty good, too, considering she couldn’t sing a note without snuffling and hacking all that morning… and she didn’t hork on the stage, either!

  2. OOOH!! You are BOTH so clever – and no horking, either. She certainly can hold a note or two, great tone, and sweet delivery – doesn’t hurt that she is also drop-dead-gorgeous, with a personality that shines out from the camera, too. Well honey, you’ve obviously done something right along the way, despite all your protestations!

    As for you – how clever is that? Up and out in here, in the shortest of deadlines. I bow to both of your combined talents.. well done, you should be proud.

    ps. I know what you actually sound like now, too!

    Les Says: This kid has SO much personality – I think she got my share, too! “Drop-Dead-Gorgeous” scares the crap outta me, though… and… psst! If/When I finally finish the Mother’s Day Tea video, you’ll see what I LOOK like – that’ll freak out the people that USED to know what I look(ed) like. Wow, but things change in a few short months. Can’t wait for the face-lift.

  3. Oh, a new post. I’ll have to pop in and read it later though as I’m on my way out.

    Just popped in to wish you Happy Mother’s Day.

    Les Says: Well, thank you, OldGuy! Thanks for the good wishes. Don’t forget to come back soon and hear “My Little Bird” sing….

  4. Wow!! That was awesome! Beautiful voice your girl has!!!
    I wish I could put my daughter back with Lesley!!
    Maybe next year!

    Les Says: Lesley is really good. Ky loves her and works her butt off for her. I would recommend her anytime.

  5. Lovely singing from the girl Les, lovely indeed. You must be quite proud.

    Les Says: I am, very much. I can’t help but wish though, with all these compliments, that she’d been in true form. That song is SO haunting when she doesn’t have cat dander up her craw….

  6. Hey thanx a lot for the comments , I thought I did good for being froggy well that and I don’t think I would have been able to handle it that well if I hadn’t been practicing for a month and a half on that song lol well hope to talk to you soon peace out .

    Mom Says: Hey, Keed! Welcome to Where the Walls are Soft! You did great – and I can’t wait to show you off at the next gig…

  7. Wonderful! Will you let her try out for Canadian Idol?

    Les Says: Hey, American Idol is on the way out to wherever TV Shows go to die… Canadian Idol can’t be far behind. If she ever DOES get on it, I’ve already told her: “The last thing you want to do is WIN that thing. You go as far as the Final 3 and then you throw the fight. No contract. Take your choice of offers.” Tonight’s AI “loser” for example… she has her career in the palm of her hand. What a finish!

  8. Hi Les and Kyla,
    Wow The video did wonders. I remember being there and thinking how good your voice is. Lovely to hear you sing even if the allergies were kicking in. Good luck in the future. Love Marlene

    Les Says: We had fun, didn’t we? I’m glad you were there.

  9. hey Les,

    My first time to leave a comment though I have visited a few times. Found you through Carol.

    She is a beautiful young woman, and she does sing quite well! Don’t we just love our daughters?


    Les Says: Hi, Cecilia! Thanks for coming by! Yes, I know what you mean… she scares me to death, though (my daughter, not Carol – LOL! Well… Carol, too.).

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