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I Built This City

I’m enjoying school again – when I’m there. I’ve been having trouble getting there, but I’m happy to report that I AM working fairly steadily at home.

The course I’m currently working on is Flash Basics which, truthfully, hasn’t really taught me anything I didn’t already know; I’ve been working with Flash for a few years now. This makes for rather simplistic assignments – they’re still really time-consuming, though. What feels like 15 minutes turns into 4 hours later, most days.

But, I’m having fun, which makes all the difference. I’m almost through this course, and then will try to speed through the rest of my business courses before going on with the next Flash set. After that it’s pretty much just Dreamweaver – two of them, I think, and then Holy Ol’ Joe! I’ll be done!

I got a really good mark on the most fun Flash assignment so far – 99%. Wanna see it?

Sure ya do.

Not-So-Random Song-for-the-Day: “We Built This City” – Jefferson Starship

8 replies on “Cityscape…”

Ha, I like it.

Is that King Kong back there on the tower ?

Les Says: Yes. Isn’t that cool? I can’t take credit for that animation, it was provided by the instructor, along with the base of the flying saucer. I ripped the saucer apart and added the alien and the moon. The buildings with lights I made myself, but used some of the unanimated buildings provided in the course for filler. The lesson prerogatives were to build some buildings and arrange them in a cityscape. He provided an example with King Kong and a plane (his version had King Kong shaking his fist when the plane went by) in daylight, so I thought turning it into night might net me some points. I liked the idea of King Kong getting pissed because the alien kept turning off the lights. This lesson was waaaaay too much fun – I finally turned it in under duress – I wanted to keeping adding stuff.

OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! I am so impressed – how the hell do you DO that? No fair. Can I come on this course?

Les Says: I don’t know. They may only provide instruction in North America. Want me to find out for you?

Wow, you even had a UFO in there. That is cool that you’re learning how to do web stuff.

Les Says: Thanks, Rhea! Nice to see you ’round these parts again.

Hey, that’s so nifty! You know, you could grow some boobs before our very eyes, because you know how to use Flash now!

Les Says: Oh, Suzi, you are an even worse influence than Beck. If you could see inside my head right now…! (No! Don’t look!)

I came here by way of Shrinky’s Blog. Here’s a link to my first Flash animation. I converted it to QuickTime for YouTube and the quality went down. MallFlash

Les Says: Wow, good commercial! Thankfully, I no longer have to do commercials – LOL! Welcome to Where the Walls are Soft – I hope to see you often.

In trying to brush up my skills to be accepted into the Media Studies graduate program, I took a flash class through Atlanta College of Art. I was totally lost the whole time. Then I had trouble with learning website design online. These things are really hard for me. I admire that you are tackling it.

Les Says: Flash, I at least have experience in – it’s the time it takes that gets to me. The other web development courses, I really have a hard time with.

Flash seems like it’d be a really cool thing to learn. Assignments must be much better when you don’t hate them. Any more completed projects of yours for us to view?

Les Says: Yup… What say ye? 😀

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