Don’t Burn Yourself Out…

Slow Down

5 replies on “Don’t Burn Yourself Out…”

LOL! I hope you don’t unmessy it too much, because it’s perfect! I love the heels.

Les Says: Nah, just gonna “unfuzzy” the lines a little… glad you like it.

You drew that? I think it’s great! I’ll print it out and hang it on my fridge.

Les Says: How cool! Thank you! Just wait ’til I clean it up before you print it, though – it’s all kucky.

Hey, is there no end to your talents? This is brilliant!

Les Says: Well, I wouldn’t go so far as to say BRILLIANT… yet. ­čÖé I’m still pretty new to the cartooning thing.

What talent. Thought it was a great cartoon and then — surprise, you are the artist. I’m burning the candle at both ends at the moment. I can relate.

Les Says: Yeah, I guess we all know that feeling at times.

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