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Popping In and Right Back Out Again…

Flash Basics Final Assignment
Flash Basics Final Assignment

The Flash Basics course is finally finished with. I got really great marks throughout, but the time it ate up leaves me in serious trouble for the rest of my schedule – and there’s the advanced course to worry about yet, too. I have less than 8 weeks left… and 8 courses to get through. God help me, because I can’t do this on my own anymore.

I will be pulling another (or maybe I mean “continuing this one”) disappearing act while I finish dispersing of the last of the past five years – which I should have been doing in February, but it was so much easier to close the door and not think about it. Now, though, my “other” apartment has been rented, and I have until the 15th to clear it out, clean it up, patch, paint, and make shiny all the neglected walls, windows and doorknobs. I’m lucky in that I don’t have to do this all by my lonesome, but until it’s empty, nothing else can be done. Meanwhile, my kid has lost her “playroom”, and my “this” apartment is back to being stacked to the rafters with unmarked boxes that threaten to squash the already-retarded cat.

But before I disappear again, I wanted to show off my final flash assignment (sound and everything!). My instructor gave me a glowing report – called me a “born animator”, and said I have “a great sense of timing and creativity”. No kidding, he did. Wonder if he’ll give me a job…? All I can see anymore, when I watch the animation, is the mistakes jumping out of the monitor at me. I’d fix ’em, but I’m having way too much fun with my new Business and Financial Management course. Barf.

Anyway – I got a 96% for a final grade on the last Flash assignment, and a 95% on the online exam. Then I went and crapped out on the in-class exam for a lousy 89. There goes my “honours” certificate.

…just keep swimming… …just keep swimming… …just keep swimming…

Random Song-for-the-Day: “Through the Long Night” – Billy Joel

10 replies on “Popping In and Right Back Out Again…”

Hi… I like the green man…. havent visited for a while… but should be coming and going too.!

g’luck with the assignments, I could not hope to do this! ­čÖé

Sounds like a great course. Congratulations on the grades.

Saw you on Mushy’s site and Carol’s as well so I was curious and followed your link.

Have enjoyed visiting and will be back.

Until later …



Les Says: Always nice to have a new visitor in the waiting room. Your job is to make me sane and/or keep me that way. That, or I’ll tip you over the edge…

WOW! Les, that’s fabulous! I especially love the basketball animation (surprise, surprise). And, as a certain college student whose tuition I pay reminds me all the time, grades do not matter in college!

Les Says: Really?! Can I quit now, then?

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