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Enough Already

I would like the world to cooperate and Just. Stop.

Long enough for me to lay down and sleep. I need to sleep, and purge the poison, and clear my head enough to get my bearings, finally, and find my place again.

But everything continues to rush at me, and around me, and on past me, so fast that I can’t even see it anymore.

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Slowly sneak out one leg and place you foot on the floor. Eventually it will begin to slow…then stop.

Les Says: It’s not so much the spinning, as I’ve learned to balance, somewhat. I’m just not able to juggle at the same time anymore… There goes my circus job.

I say, “Take a nap”. That will stop it temporarily anyway. Naps are good.

Les Says:
There is no time for napping, during the daylight hours unfortunately. And I wouldn’t need to nap if I could sleep at night. I’m now trying to discipline myself to do something productive at 2 am instead of stare at the walls. Wolves, apparently, sleep for 12 minute intervals. No wonder they howl at night.

If you just close your eyes maybe it will stop. No wait, I tried that once. You just get dizzy and fall down.

Seriously though, I know it sounds cliche but you really do have to take things one day at a time sometimes. Do what you can today and not a thing more. And don’t exhaust yourself trying to do too much either or you won’t have any energy left for tomorrow.

Les Says: I know how “defeatist” this is going to sound, but taking things one day at a time is exactly how everything piled up. I had too much happening at once, which was my own fault, I know, for getting it all started and not realizing that sometimes other things get thrown at you on top of it. Bad habits die hard. Suddenly I had more than I could deal with, and I chose the wrong things to take care of first.

You’re right, though, of course. “One day at a time” is the only way anything can get done at all. I’m just mourning the stuff that falls by the wayside out of neglect. I don’t know if it will all still be there when I want it back later. There’s just no time for everything, and I’m still learning to “not worry”. Letting go has never been a strength of mine.

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