It’s been a good day. A really good day. I saw Ruby. I got some stuff accomplished. I had a beer.

A good day. I betcha I fall asleep tonight.

Random Song-for-the-Day: “Breakaway” – Kelly Clarkson

3 replies on “:-)”

What more could you ask?

I suppose an update from Ruby is upcoming!

Les Says: Well, I must say, I’ll want a lot more than one good day – lol! As for Ruby… I really oughtta finish that, huh…?

One good day is a good thing. I am happy for you and am looking
forward to more Ruby.

Les Says: Thank you, thank you, and let’s hope I can get back into that story!

Only because I am interested, what brand of beer, store bought from the fridge or purchased from an establishment, and then if so, what establishment?

Les Says: To quote the Sigourney Weaver character in “Snow Cake” (Wawa! Woohoo!)… ‘I don’t do social.’ So I order in a case of Blue Lite every now and again and play this really cool drinking game called “Okay, now. How long can I make this last me?” Once I’m employed, I will order in Heineken, and not expect it to last. At. All.

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