“Gooder and Gooder”

… as I overheard a small child say today. Laughed out loud, I did.

And Ruby laughed out loud yesterday, when I told her this joke. She then proceeded to tell me an even “blue-er” one, but I can’t remember it well enough to share, sorry. Ruby has a great laugh, and I’m hearing it more and more often over this past week. Perhaps my mood is infectious.

Wonderful things are going on. Ky gets her Cockburn Island vacation this year, after all. At first, it didn’t look like she could go, but there was a cancellation on the boat over for this weekend, so she gets to go now and she’s so excited I think she may pop.

I’ll be working on the final segment of “The Waitress” tonight and tomorrow. I’m still undecided as to whether or not to post it here, as the current plans for it may require a “non-published” past. It will be available, though, via email to a select few, if they want it (Poop-Tooth, this means you, Lurker-Man! 🙂 ).

I’ve applied for an “over-the-Internet” editing position that rather impressively dropped into my lap the other day. The money is so-so, but the working-in-the-buff option rather turns me on, so I’ll take it if it’s still available. No one else has offered that perk so far, and I really don’t mind paying for my own dentist if I can take my pants off at work.

Well, I’ve gone and run my bloggery battery down, and Ky’s on a hunt for her groovy-coolest polka-dotty shades that she cannot go to an isolated island of Sand-Trampers without, dammit!, so I must go help her locate them. I’d hate to have all 19 people over there laugh at my daughter. What kind of mother would that make me?!

Random Song for the Day: “Sleepy Maggie” – Ashley MacIsaac

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4 Replies to ““Gooder and Gooder””

  1. Hey, things are really moving for you now!! That’s fantastic news about the waitress Ruby story – and – er- about that private e-mail viewing?? (Smile.) Now that sounds too good to be true – being PAID to sit on the computer all day – hell, gimme some of that! Don’t mention packing please, we’re off to Ireland tomorrow, and I haven’t even washed, never mind packed any bloomin’ clothes (groan.)

    Les Says: IRELAND?! Why wash? That’s how the leprechauns know you’re there. And I insist you bring one back and send it to me, so stay dirty for me, Baby.

    And yes, you are most definitely one of the “select few”. 🙂

  2. I am envious! The naked working thing has always appealed to me..As long as nobody could see me of course..
    Please, please, please put me on the special list for more Ruby!

    Les Says: On the list you go! But you have to promise to read it naked.

  3. I’d take my pants off at work if I thought anybody cared. Sigh …

    Please add me to the Ruby list. At least that’ll be fun.

    Les Says: If they don’t care, that’s a good enough reason to take them off, no?

    And you’re so special, I’ve added you to the Ruby List TWICE, OldGuy.

  4. I already write sans panst so if you need an assistant at that editing job please consider me

    Les Says: h ha! So THAT’S how you write that much in a sitting… I know where your muse is…. la-la-la-la! 🙂

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