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Pins and Needles…

Guide to Literary Agents 2007 (Guide to Literary Agents)
It Shipped Today…

By air. Think happy thoughts, please, so as to circumvent any plane crashes that may delay my agent hunt. ‘Tis the season. Not Plane Crash Season, I mean Agent Hunting Season.

Random Song for the Day: “In the Summertime” – Mungo Jerry

3 replies on “Pins and Needles…”

Well! Don’t our bios sound identical! Except–I’ve already had an agent, and can give sage advice. Or not so sage. Or just some stories.

Les Says: Your advice (and stories), sage or otherwise, accepted/requested/begged for and thank you (both for the advice and the sage, as I don’t have much in the way of a spice collection anymore).

Cool, I am thumbing pages through my new Hollywood Creative Directory book so if there is someone or some studio you need infor on, let me know

Les Says: Yeah, thanks, Todd – the more people in my corner, the better I feel. I imagine I’ll be taking you up on that.

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