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The Best Parts of My Day

A $20 “used” swag lamp joined the family.

Delivered. Pristine condition. Me. Impressed and happy.

A great conversation took place.

A rare thing.

I discovered that one of my crap courses might be able to be “traded” for something I can actually use! Gasp!


I’m “clicking”! I’m “clicking”!

…and the “worsest” parts of my day…? Hmmmm…. You know what?


There weren’t any.

Random Song for the Day: “Puttin’ on the Ritz” – Ella Fitzgerald

6 replies on “The Best Parts of My Day”

Crap courses, always good to trade up. You go girl.

Les Says: Hey, hey! THE Fat Hairy Bastard came to MY blog! I’m impressed to no end! I shall have to visit you more often, as well. Mushy calls you FHB for short, but that’s too big a mouthful – is it okay if I call you “Hairy”? 🙂

As for the “trade up” – it looks like I can do so. “Go” I will. Or am. Or something.

She had an Ellava voice! And I’m so glad FHB has discovered you.

Les, would you mind letting me know – have you found my blog is loading very slowly today – or is it just the Aussies servers that are grinding slowly?

Les Says: I love Ella… and I’m glad Hairy discovered me, too – I’m looking forward to perusing his archives.

Yes, you are a little “slow” today, ;-), but I notice that tends to happen with blogger now and again. I imagine other blogs in your “tube” are doing the same.

Hi Les,

So glad you enjoyed the post about the Anne Frank house and the tree – and I’m delighted that you took the trouble to read the post on the school play.

You are right. In all my theatre experience, I never acted on a stage with such an amazing set.

Keep smiling


Les Says: The sets were really impressive, even looking at a black and white photo from [ahem]-odd years ago. They must have been spectacular from the audience’s point of view.

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