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Retribution, At Last…

David McMahon wants to know:

“What would you like to say to the girlfriend or boyfriend who first dumped you?”

After much soul-searching and heart-delving back into the summer of 1976, I believe I would say:

“You owe me half a strawberry soda.”

Random Song for the Day: “Java” – Al Hirt

7 replies on “Retribution, At Last…”

Oh, c’mon Les, you can’t leave it hanging there! More – I insisst..

Les Says: Nope. I’m still mad.

Actually, I wrote a story about this a few years back. Maybe I’ll post it. Some day. When I’m not so mad. 😉

So, he dumped you mid-soda huh? Bastard…no respect for the fining things in life. He could have at least waited until you finished it to “drop a bomb on you!”

Les Says: Oh, no, I got to finish the soda. The “bomb” was dropped when he got what he wanted (and NO! LOL! At 10 years old, it wasn’t THAT, or anything close…). I just want the half back that HE drank. He owes me that much, at least.

Oh, Les, Les, just tell me where he lives and I’ll track him down – and bring him to you in a headlock …..

Les Says: Haven’t a clue. Guess I’m not such a Sherlock Holmes-Becker, after all…

Thanks for the offer, though. Can I send you a list of other people…?

I really do want to know this story. Perhaps letting us all read it would help to purge your anger?

Les Says: LOL! I’m not really mad. It’s actually a fairly funny story, although at the time I sure didn’t see it that way!

…. and when you’ve finished your writing project, remind me to tell you about the `Volkswagen Beetle’ editing process!!

Carol Cooper (shrink wrapped scream blogger) was on the phone to me recently and she thought it was a hoot!

Keep smiling


Les Says: Alas, poor Ruby; I knew her well…

School has interfered. Again. I’ve just flushed the “Flash” out, and am immersed (submerged) in/under “Human Resource Management”. When I’m about ready to throttle most humans, rather than attempt to manage them. I’d really rather be managing Ruby and her mom and a certain Little Drunk.

I’ll get there.


I hope.

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