Mushy Made Me Cry. Again.

This time, he did this:

Recommended Read - Silver
Thanks, Mushy!

I’m to award it as well, to two bloggers I think deserve the honour. I want one to go to OldGuy, of OldGuy’s Treehouse. He’s a great “tale-spinner”.

The other goes to Suzi, of What It Shwas – because she’s nuts, and proud to be so, and that makes for fun reading every time she posts.

You should go read them. And they should put the above award on their blogs, yes? Yes.

Random Song for the Day: “Ancient Walls of Flowers” – Marcy Playground

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10 Replies to “Mushy Made Me Cry. Again.”

  1. I checked out OLDGUY and loved the “glove” story…guess I’m hooked!

    Yeah, Suzi is crazy…been there for a while.

    Les Says: You should check OldGuy’s archives for “Lumbago”. He’s my favourite.

  2. Gosh, Les! Thanks! I’m honored, but now I’m under pressure to write something decent, instead of what I was going to write, which was details of the conversation I had with my nine-year-old nephew about my Old-Faithful-Style gusher of a period.

    Les Says: Ummmm…. well I DID say you were nuts. I think you’re good with that one… who ya tryin’ to impress, anyway?!

  3. Can’t think of anyone more deserving! Well done, bonny lass. x

    Les Says: Thank you, Carol – and I’m glad you got you ‘puter problem ironed out.

  4. G’day Les,

    Thanks for pointing me in the direction of OldGuy’s blog. I’ve made a coupla visits there in the past 48 hours – he’s great.

    Keep smiling


    Les Says: Glad to “point” – LOL! OldGuy is most definitely one of my “Blog-Family”. I’m sure he’ll be pleased to see you’re visiting.

  5. Gee thanks Les, that is so cool.

    Now I’ll have to decide who else might be deserving of the honour.

    Les Says: That’s right. I’m looking forward to reading your recipients’ blogs.

  6. Congratulations, Les! You deserve it.

    Les Says: Aw, thanks, Denise. If I could just find the time again to post more regularly, I would feel more entitled. Now, where did I put that “Slow-It-All-Down” button…?

  7. G’day Les,

    You must be busy. Will be back to make sure all is well – and to check on your peerless prose.

    Keep smiling


    Les Says: Busy?! Oh, David, if you only knew the stuff that’s going on! GOOD stuff. GREAT stuff. Can’t wait to email you and tell you, but…. TIME! ACKKKK!!!

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