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Jeans that Fit (and other things)


I went shopping today, if you could call it that. I hate stores; I hate shopping in general. In particular, I hate shopping for clothes. Unfortunately, I have no suitable attire for job-hunting/interviews, so I was forced to go shopping. Ugh.

I also have that “no income” thing going on, so I went to one of our local thrifty-difty kind of places, which is cool with me, as I’m all for pinching a penny ’til it shrieks.

I found NO dress slacks in my size, which apparently is somewhere this side of nothing. I did, however, become the proud owner of a pair of jeans that will stay up when I walk – the first I’ve found since the pair pictured in this post, which has since died a good death. I consider $5.99 for jeans that fit to be a good deal, bearing in mind that I’m hoping to actually reach a “normal” weight some time in this lifetime (mine or the jeans’) and I’d hate to have to pitch a pair of $50-$90 jeans because I finally met a goal. Granted, I expect to be gainfully employed before that happens anyway, so maybe it won’t matter much by then.

I also caved and paid an additional $5.99 for a new (to me) white dress shirt rather than steal another one from my Dad’s closet. And get caught. Again. I’m pleased to report that the “pouty face” still works on him, and the nice gray one I was caught absconding with last week was reluctantly given to me free and clear. I didn’t even get grounded.

In other news, my brain is itching to get at the new story I mentioned in my previous post. The Ruby Story is not yet finished, however, – but it’s getting there! I’m working! – and I refuse to start anything new until it is, unless there is a paycheck attached to it. I looked into the Magic Paycheck for Writing Mirror yesterday, though, and (holding breath), saw the words “Paychecks May Be Closer Than They Appear.” Hope springs eternal. Belief, on the other hand, is as yet suspended until somebody shows me the money.

And now… I must study. Blah.

Random Song for the Day – “Peephole” – System of a Down

4 replies on “Jeans that Fit (and other things)”

Great bargain, Les. But let me tell you that “pouty faces” always work on Dads, especially when it comes to white shirts or jumpers/ sweaters.

And I loved the mention of the “Magic Paycheck for Writing Mirror”. May it always show you encouraging signs.

Take care, Les


Les Says: “Always works”, huh? I’ll have to tell my dad you said that – he’s got a few more I wouldn’t mind taking off his hands.

I’ll have to let you know if the Magic Mirror was right or not. Its idea of “close” may be far different than mine…

Every time I hear the word jeans, I remember a comedian’s routine once where the dude was talking like Mr. T who was supposed to be “gay!” Anyway, Mr. T’s line to another guy was, “You sure look in them jeans! How’d you like for me to come over there and….!”

Anyway…you probably do too.

Get to writing!

Les Says: LOL! I can’t decide if I missed the joke, or if you missed a word…! But, yes, I probably do, whatever “it” is. ­čÖé


We are alike… I loathe shopping and frequently hear Michael say, ” Is that my shirt?”. It USED to be my father’s big sweaters.. until the 80’s and the nasty Bill Cosby sweaters came around….
Anyway, keep writing. Will you be wearing your new duds while doing so?

Les Says: The shirt – maybe. I think I’ll remain sans pants. Jeans and “cross-legged” don’t generally make for comfortable.

My thing is, I can’t just walk in a place and get cheap stuff with the right inseam. have to buy them from someone like LLBean, or Eddy Baur, which ain’t cheap, even on sale. Sucks to be freakishly tall, some times.

Les Says: That’s how I feel about being freakishly skinny. I haven’t found a store for that, yet.

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