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I Did Something Bad.

...but Necessary.
…but Necessary.

I spent money I don’t have on something I don’t need. That doesn’t make having it now any less necessary, mind you. Now that I’ve got the damned thing, it’s as necessary as the Internet. Or air.

I went out to the dreaded mall. I went out with the best of intentions – to get those dress slacks I couldn’t find yesterday in a safer place. Found ’em! They even fit. Sort of.

Then, I did a silly thing and went to visit Louie, and there found The Necessary Thing. No, I should not have bought it. Yes, I feel guilty.

It’s still necessary. Now that it’s mine.

PS… I sold a silly little “blip” to an online funny-papers kind of place. Not what I expected for a first sale, but you won’t hear me complaining, either.

Random Song for the Day: “The Mariner’s Revenge Song” – The Decemberists [the song displayed on my shiny, new, (and necessary) MP3 player]

7 replies on “I Did Something Bad.”

Hey, that is a necessity! I don’t know how anybody can live without it, really. I lent my iPod to Sophie last month, and I’m completely lost without it. I think I’m going to buy her one of her own so I can have mine back.

Congratulations on selling your silly little blip!!!

Les Says: Thanks, Suzi – I would have passed the MP3 player off as a “reward” for selling something, but I bought it before I found out I’d sold something (not to mention, I paid out 7 times more than I “earned”. Ahem.). But, hey – the “blip” sold for cash, not copies, which is a first for me.

Still don’t have one, but would kinda like one. Have too much fun makin’ my own CDs to play in the car. Don’t need tunes just on me, all the time.

Les Says: Being a little short on car, the tunes have been necessary – if only so as not to hear everybody else in their cars whiz by, making me jealous of the car thing.

Actually, I was okay with the portable CD player, but my walks are longer lately – and carrying a pile of CDs with me draws such looks of pity from people. That, and I don’t like my kid having cooler stuff than me.

I download MP3s all the time and store them on my player and use it when I walk…puts a little zip in my step!

Nah…it was okay…I spent way too much on a new TV today, so guess I got you beat…I’m on fixed income!

Les Says: I have to say that the “fixed income” was definitely better than the “no income” is – a situation which will be remedied in short order. I have to pay off that credit card, now!

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