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"Half-Blown" © Les Becker, 2006Taken June 11, 2006 with HP PhotoSmart R607
© Les Becker, 2006
Taken June 11, 2006 with HP PhotoSmart R607

I found this pic while digging through archives looking to fill up my new digital photography portfolio site. It’s been slow going, for several reasons: 1) There are huge numbers of photographs, on too many freaking discs, 2) None are categorized except by year, which sucks, ‘cuz I don’t want to see most of them, and 3) There aren’t very many good shots.

Photography had only ever been a hobby for me until I started selling digital cameras, and then began using them. Digital photography opened up a whole new interest when it became affordable for a poor hack like me, and I embraced it for a long time. Then I drowned my camera, and after a while, lost any knack I’d acquired.

When I bought a new and better camera, I was disappointed to discover that I just wasn’t interested anymore. So I’m going back to “hobbying” with it now, for the most part, but since I did find some decent shots, I decided to put up a portfolio site. You never know; I might find that spark again some day.

This particular photograph, when I found it again, just screamed “unemployed” at me. This is about what I feel like, being jobless.

I’ve put resumes in at two new postings (the good kind – temporary, but “useful feeling”), and I’m feeling fairly confident for both. Odd, that.

Now, I have to go search out a picture that screams “You Got the Job!” at me. You know – ‘cuz I’m gonna need one ready.

PS – That freelance web development job came through – I won’t starve for awhile… 🙂

Random Song for the Day: “Ruby Sees All” – Cake

7 replies on “Half-Blown”

Very, very nice! Congrats on the freelance job, and on the promising applications. I’ll be watching for the photo that screams “You got the job!”

Les Says: Thank you. Hope I can find a suitable one.

I hear you all to clearly on the photo organization thing. Mine are sorted by year/day and that’s it. I started deleting shots (as I saved everything) to start reorganizing them like a “real” photographer but then stopped.

I have the vision in my head but with the number of photos there it’s too daunting a task.

Les Says: I think I’ve already given up. Nice to see you again, Cujo.

Glad you won’t starve….and you are quite the photographer. You should post your old shots on Flickr. I got my 4th request from a company, this time a travel log, for a shots I’ve posted there. You never know!

Les Says: LOL! I think most of the good ones already are on Flickr. I’ll let you know if anybody asks after them.

Whew, Les, that’s a great shot. And wonderful news about the web job.

Woo-hoo – I’m celebrating on your behalf ….

Les Says: I like that one a lot, too. Yes, let’s celebrate! Send me half of whatever you’re celebrating with…

Congrats on the web delopment job Les, and I’m sure something else will come along again too.

I like the photo. Looks like a golf ball with a weird hairdo.

Les Says:

Thanks, OldGuy! And yeah… it does kinda look like a golf ball…

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